Digital Workplace Experience - Spring 2022

Digital Workplace Experience - Spring 2022


Digital Workplace Experience – Spring 2022 convenes esteemed leaders in IT, HR, People Analytics, Internal Communications, and L&D to explore the leadership perspectives of highly sought after experts and explore and the endless possibilities of the New Now.

Dive into leadership, navigating under pressure, and managing through crisis in discussion with senior peers. Learn from organizations like NASA, Stanford and Fortune 500 executives.

In this powerful two-day summit, thought leaders and seasoned executives join forces and take a deep dive into the leadership strategies and skills necessary in today’s fluctuating workplace.

Topics will include:

  • The relationship between digital customer and workplace experiences
  • Leadership for the flexible workforce — where to lead and where to follow
  • The new platforms & paradigms of employee engagement
  • How to lead your org in automation and collaboration — and when it’s too much
  • Getting the ROI from your AI, its role and it’s future
  • Workplace evolution:  moonshot making in the midst of chaos, crisis or uncertainty