Engaged @Work: Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition New York 2022

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The multiple waves of crises buffeting us have awakened all of us, as organizations and as individuals, to what matters most: our people, our purpose, and our humanity. We see, more clearly than ever, how deeply intertwined employee engagement and talent acquisition are to a real sense of mission and purpose and to experiences that build connections and wellness. In this hyper-competitive market, we understand that an effective response to The Great Resignation must begin with a reinvigorated commitment to engagement and a reimagination of the work experience in order to hire and retain the best talent.

Join us in person on October 18 and 19, 2022, for Engaged @Work: Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition, a major conference event that will bring together national and global leaders in Employee Engagement & Experience and Talent Acquisition to explore meaningful, innovative, and inclusive ways of winning over the best talent in the market and engaging them throughout the entire talent lifecycle. We will connect through plenary networking and keynote sessions and go deep in tracks on Employee Engagement & Experience and Talent Acquisition.