Hiring New Talent in the Era of the Great Resignation



The research arm of CMSWire and Reworked, in collaboration with LumApps, surveyed more than 800 enterprise level organizations in the US, UK and France about their efforts to hire new talent as talent mobility has dramatically increased over the past 6 months. At the same time, we surveyed 1,000+ employees about how and why they are considering changing jobs, the factors they’re using to evaluate new employers and what they want in a future workplace.

Join Sarah Kimmel, Vice President of Research for CMSWire/Reworked and Mike Prokopeak, Editor-in-Chief of Reworked for this 2-hour workshop. Your participation is recommended and encouraged as we dig deep into the data from our recent surveys to uncover the factors driving increased talent mobility and how your organization can grasp this opportunity to add skills and experience to your business.