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Digital Workplace

Is Employee Monitoring Software Worth the Trouble?

Demand for better productivity has seen many employee surveillance and monitoring apps come on the market. But are they worth it?

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Digital Workplace

Do You Need Supervising?

Many cases against workplace supervision are predicated on it being about control. But what if it was more about coordination?

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Employee Experience

How to Practice Ethical Employee Monitoring

Should companies monitor employee activity in the remote and digital workplace? It's an open question but if you do it, here are tips to do it right.

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Employee Experience

Successful Companies Offer Engagement, Not Employee Surveillance

There are alternatives to employee surveillance technology when companies are looking for better productivity and engagement.

A male employee at his desk with a surveillance camera trained on him

Employee Experience

Why Employee Surveillance Software Could Do More Damage Than It's Worth

Enterprise organizations are investing in employee surveillance software, but managers should think twice before they deploy it. Here's why.