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Dan Hawtrey

Dan Hawtrey

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Dan Hawtrey is the Managing Director of Content Formula, a consultancy that designs and builds intranets and digital workplace tools on the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. He has written extensively on most topics related to the digital workplace for many years on the Content Formula blog.

Before founding Content Formula, Dan worked at Johnson & Johnson where he set up the first intranet for the Johnson's Baby brand in 1999. BabyCampSite, as it was called, contained many intranet innovations for the time including an expertise finder, an ideation tool, a chat bot and social features. This project proved so successful that many other J&J divisions, brands and departments asked him to build their intranets. Seeing this big demand for intranets Dan realised there was a good opportunity to set up Content Formula, one of the first intranet consultancies in the world.

Dan lives in London with his wife, two young daughters and two cats.

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