Reworked Editorial Calendar

Here's a look at our upcoming monthly editorial focus area. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to be flexible with themes.

2020 Calendar

MonthTheme 1Theme 2
JuneCollaboration and Productivity Tools: How Monoliths and Best of Breed Are Finding Their NicheWhat Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like in 2020
JulyWhen UX Meets EX: Why Design Matters Inside the WorkplaceLearning Experience Platforms Chart an Alternative Path to Skill Development
AugThe Digital Workplace Marathon: Designing a Practice for the Long-HaulRiding the Employee Engagement Rollercoaster in 2020
SeptWhy Employee Experience is Failing — Bonfire of the FundamentalsWhat Does Good Employee Experience Look Like?
OctHas Microsoft Won the Collaboration and Productivity War and Who Might Disrupt?The Rise of Digital Skills
Nov5 Years of Digital Transformation — What Have We Learned?The Future of Workplace Learning Technology
DecBuilding the 2021 Workplace: 2020 Takeaways, 2021 Trends and ChallengesGig, Remote & Distributed: Talent Management in a VUCA World

2021 Calendar

MonthTheme 1Theme 2
JanWhat Does Digital Leadership Look Like?Productivity Killers: Meetings, Notifications and Emails, Oh My
FebIt's 2021, Do You Know Where Your Silos Are?Building an Enterprise Search that Enables Employees and Connects Knowledge
MarchConnecting CX and EX: Current Research, Making the Case, Leading ExamplesIdeation: How Leaders are Nurturing Employee Innovation and Intrapreneurs