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Krishna Dunthoori

Krishna Dunthoori

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Krishna Dunthoori is the Founder & CEO of the leading Digital Adoption Platform, Apty.  Krishna started his journey in the software implementation ecosystem as a consultant where he spearheaded multiple business critical digital transformation projects for several businesses.   

In 2010 he founded and served as the CEO of Excers Inc. — one of the largest professional services and implementation firms in the areas of Project and Portfolio Management, Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Architecture and Business Analytics. 

After spending almost two decades helping large enterprises successfully adopt and maximize returns on their software investments, Krishna knew that digital adoption was a challenge that all enterprises faced, but couldn’t really resolve by themselves.  

What started as an onscreen-guidance tool for a consulting client, was soon released as a product in 2017 as LetzNav, rebranded as Apty in 2019. Now with features way beyond just onscreen-guidance, Apty is a trusted DAP supporting the Digital Adoption, transformation and process compliance needs of several Fortune 500 Companies.

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