Author: Siobhan Fagan

Christina Maslach, professor of psychology emerita, University of California Berkeley, Guest 42 on Get Reworked

Employee Experience

Get Reworked Podcast: What Organizations Can Do About Burnout

Christina Maslach discusses why burnout isn't an individual flaw, but a management issue which requires a collective response.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Syntex Gets a Relaunch, Leaders Are Stressed, More News

Microsoft Syntex makes a return, Future Forum's latest report shows leadership under pressure, news from Google and Stability AI round out the week.

Satya Nadella delivering virtual keynote for Microsoft Ignite 2022

Digital Workplace

Microsoft Ignite 2022: Teams Premium on the Way, Places in Preview and More

Microsoft Ignite aimed to "deliver on the digital imperative for every organization." A look at some of the updates designed to do just that.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Meta Dig Deeper Into the Digital Workplace

Some of the major brands revealed new digital workplace products at their flagship conferences this week, with announcements from Cisco, Google and Meta.

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Digital Workplace

Box Unveils New Collaboration Capabilities, Citrix and TIBCO Merge, More News

Box is building up its enterprise collaboration credentials, the Citrix deal finally closes and Kindryl, Wrike and Eptura round out the news.

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Learning & Development

Want to Retain Employees? Invest in Training and Upskilling

Employees are looking to acquire new skills to better support their employers. Why aren't HR leaders jumping at the opportunity?

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Talent Management

National Techies Day Underlines Demand for Data-Related Job Skills

This year's National Techies Day cast light on growing number of jobs in tech ... and data. Here's what that means.

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Information Management

Mitigating the Risk to Personally Identifiable Information in Unstructured Data

With increasing amounts of unstructured data across enterprise siloes, organizational leaders must look for ways to protect everyone.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Gives Employee Experience a Viva Boost, LumApps Debuts Campaigns, More

Microsoft makes a major play in the employee experience space with Viva upgrades, while LumApps releases Campaigns. News also from ActiveTrak and Unravel Data.

Top of building sticking out of the clouds into clear blue sky

Information Management

How Hybrid Cloud Is Enabling the Digital Workplace

Hybrid cloud computing is enabling the post-pandemic digital workplace. Here's how.

Sheela Subramanian, co-founder of Future Forum, VP of Slack, author of "How The Future Works: Leading Flexible Teams to Do the Best Work of Their Lives"

Employee Experience

Get Reworked Podcast: Why Flexibility and Trust Define the New World of Work

Sheela Subramanian, co-founder of Future Forum and VP at Slack, discusses the inflection point we're in for the future of work.

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Information Management

Why Organizations Still Struggle With Deploying AI

Organizations claim that AI is vital to their business survival, but deployment levels still lag. Why is this?

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Digital Workplace

Slack Unveils Canvas, ServiceNow Upgrades Now Platform, More News

Slack brings Quip's collaborative tooling into play with Canvas, ServiceNow upgrades its Now Platform, and news from Google, Zoom and Messagepoint.

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Information Management

Records Management Needs a Refresh

Despite the fact that records management has largely disappeared from discussions about the digital workplace, it still has an important role. Here's why.

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Digital Workplace

Artificial Intelligence of Things Emerges: Should You Care?

There's a new kid in town: the Artificial Intelligence of Things. But what is it, and can you use it?

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Digital Workplace

What AI Automation Can Bring to Your Organization

The promise of AI automation is fueling adoption across industries. But what does it mean for your business?

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Digital Workplace

Workday's UX and Skills Updates, Oracle Doubles Down on Employee Experience, More News

Announcements from Workday Rising and Oracle kick off this week's update, while news from Zoom and Canva round out the week.

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Digital Workplace

Video Meetings Are Here to Stay, Despite Return to Office

Video conferencing and virtual calls will remain a staple of the digital workplace, despite the move to return to the physical workplace.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Upgrades Teams Rooms, LumApps Debuts Employee Data Layer, More News

Microsoft aims to improve hybrid meetings, LumApps adds a data layer to its employee experience platform. Nintex, Fivetran and Livestorm round out the news.

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Digital Workplace

OpenText's $6B Micro Focus Buy, VMWare Deepens Microsoft Partnership, More News

OpenText buys Micro Focus while VMWare deepens its partnership for cloud computing with Microsoft. There is also news from Meta, HP and Hyland.