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Podcast: Get Reworked

Forget the status quo — Get Reworked. Join the editors of Reworked, your guide to the r/evolution of work, as they interview business leaders transforming the way work gets done today.

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About the Hosts

Mike Prokopeak

Mike Prokopeak is editor in chief at Reworked. Based in Chicago, Mike leads Reworked editorial content strategy and production and SMG's modern workplace information services. In between writing, editing and podcasting at home, he likes to jump into his kids’ Zoom PE class.

Siobhan Fagan

Siobhan Fagan is managing editor for Reworked. Based in New York City, Siobhan leads SMG's daily publishing operations, including our contributed content program. She’d like to remind everyone working from home to stop, save what they’re doing and stretch. Then drink a glass of water.

Recent Episodes

In March 2020, legions of workers walked out the office doors, trekked home and set up shop at the kitchen table to begin working from home. What we didn’t know then, but do now, is that abrupt departure from the office was actually our entrance into a profoundly different era of work.

In this podcast conversation, Sarah Kimmel, vice president of research at Simpler Media Group, unpacks the results of her research into the state of the digital workplace pre- and post-COVID, and the tools and technologies that are making this new era of work a reality.

Plus, podcast co-hosts Mike Prokopeak and Siobhan Fagan talk about how Reworked was started and what exactly we mean when we talk about the digital workplace. Our new reality of remote work fueled the acceleration of the digital workplace and it's not done yet.