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Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd

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Stowe Boyd's calling is the ecology of work and the anthropology of the future. He also writes extensively about work technologies.

Stowe leads Work Futures, researching critical themes of the future of work. You may want to sign up for the Work Futures Daily newsletter, or follow the Work Futures publication on Medium, where he is a top writer in Economics, Leadership and Futures. He also serves as a Gigaom editor, where he conducts various lines of research in work technology. See Gigaom Open Research project on Medium.

He coined the term ‘hashtag’ as noted by The American Lexicographical Society and the Oxford English Dictionary, and also ‘social tools,' ‘work management’ and ‘publicy.’

Stowe has worked with dozens of companies in the past decades, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, and many startups. Earlier, he was a computer science researcher/educator, led a software startup, and contributed to many journals and analyst firms.

Formerly Head of Research, Gigaom; President, Corante. He's served on Microsoft’s future of work advisory board, and the Pew Research advisory board on robotics and automation.

Stowe has spoken at dozens of conferences and events worldwide, including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, GigaOM Net:Work, Reboot, Next, Mesh, Shift, Lift, SIBOS, Defrag, SXSW, SocialNow, Business Innovation Factory, and various TEDx events.

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