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Workplace from Meta to Launch WhatsApp Integration to Support Frontline Workers

Workplace from Meta, formerly known as Workplace from Facebook, has announced an integration with WhatsApp to support frontline workers.

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Collaboration Platforms Find Their First Use Case in Remote Sales Teams

We still have a long way to go to realize the potential of remote collaboration.

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How HR Teams Can Boost Productivity in the Digital Workplace

Automating tasks and making pre-populated forms available in the cloud are two ways HR teams can streamline work processes and elevate employee productivity.

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Collaboration Platform Miro Raises $400 Million Funding Round

The Series C funding values the software company at $17.5 billion and shows the growing strength of online collaboration tools in remote and hybrid work.

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Why Enterprises Won't Ditch Collaboration Platforms Anytime Soon

Collaboration platforms have become key enterprise technologies for hybrid and remote work. Here's why they're poised for continued growth.

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Is the Future of Work Silo-less?

With collaboration on the rise, the future of work may mean less isolation and more cross-functional integration. But can companies tear down all silos?

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6 Microsoft Teams Integrations for the Digital Workplace

Companies looking to boost productivity and efficiency can find great value in the wide range of Microsoft Teams integrations.

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Top 10 Collaboration and Productivity Stories of 2021

Here are Reworked's top collaboration and productivity articles from 2021.

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Are Working Hours Outdated?

Remote work and a distributed workforce brought the value of the traditional workweek in question. Is the asynchronous model the next big thing?

Get Reworked Podcast Episode 25 Guest Rob Cross

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Get Reworked Podcast: Collaboration Overload Is Crushing Innovation at Your Company

Author Rob Cross talks about how companies can work smarter in the era of collaboration overload.

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5 Chrome Extensions That Make Digital Work More Productive

One reason behind Chrome's popularity is that the browser has thousands of extensions designed to give users tools to enhance productivity.

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Remote Workers Work More Hours: What Do We Do?

Remote and hybrid work comes with increased flexibility, but also added pressure and stress. Here's how organizations can help manage the transition.

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Weak Ties and Why They Are a Growing Management Problem

Remote and hybrid work brought many teams closer together, but at the cost of unexpected and accidental collaborations that can deliver long-term value.

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Platform Integrations Point the Way Forward for HR

Integrating collaboration tools like Slack with HR software is a theme across the HR tech industry landscape as companies look to reduce workflow friction.

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Whatever Happened to Yammer?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Yammer had gone underground given the focus on Microsoft Teams and Viva. But Yammer is still very much in play.

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Can Worker Burnout Be Reversed?

The shift to remote work made employee burnout worse. Here's what you can do to help exhausted employees recover their spark.

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What to Do When Your Collaboration Software Goes Down

Even though outages are infrequent, that doesn't make dealing with them any easier. Here's how to handle a disruption to Slack or Microsoft Teams service.

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Internal Communicators Debate Yammer's Post on Behalf Of

Given appropriate controls, is there still a case for post on behalf of on an enterprise social networking platform?

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Are Remote Workers Collaborating Too Much?

From Zoom meetings to Slack notifications and everything in between, remote workers are meeting and collaborating like never before. Is productivity suffering?

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Productivity Platform ClickUp Gets $400 Million Funding Round

The San Diego-based company aims to create an 'all-in-one' productivity platform that will save users one day of work a week.