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Employee Engagement Specialist Sifted Brings Celebrity to the Holiday Party

November 15, 2021 Employee Experience
Ben Schwartz
By Ben Schwartz LinkedIn

Want to get Kevin from "The Office" to cook up some chili for your office party or boxing champ George Foreman to punch up the virtual holiday celebration?

Now's your chance as employee engagement provider Sifted recently announced a holiday-themed partnership with Cameo for Business.

Atlanta-based Sifted got its start in 2015 catering chef-prepared lunches for in-office teams, and expanded into food-based virtual team building experiences when the pandemic sent office workers home. Cameo is the Chicago-based platform that allows celebrities to create and deliver short, personalized video messages to fans.

Sifted delivers employee engagement experiences ranging from team building programs to interactive lunch-ins. As COVID-19 forced companies to engage with a remote workforce, the company launched virtual experiences paired with "experience kits” delivered directly to employees’ homes. The goal is to help clients build organizational culture regardless of employee location.

"When COVID hit, we learned that companies weren't just missing our food, they were missing the experience created through food," said Sifted CEO Jess Legge in a press release statement. "That's when we created our virtual team-building experiences, which have become a critical tool for companies as they engage their remote workforces."

The addition of Cameo for Business for the holiday season brings a new experience into Sifted’s employee engagement services. Companies can book a virtual holiday party and add a custom-recorded message or a virtual drop-in from a celebrity on Cameo's platform. Party planners can choose from three options:

  • The Kudos: a pre-recorded message from a celebrity prior to the virtual session.
  • The Ranker: The selected celebrity will show up at the end of the session to rate the team's food creations.
  • The Team Player: A celebrity will participate in the full virtual session.

"Our strategic partnership with Cameo further amplifies the impact of our virtual employee engagements and positions our clients as top destination workplaces, offering maximum ROI for their culture programs and retention strategies," Legge said in a statement.

Sifted has served more than one million meals across the US to companies ranging from 20 to more than 1,000 employees.


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