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GraphCMS Joins Independent Tech Group MACH Alliance

December 02, 2021 Information Management
Ben Schwartz
By Ben Schwartz LinkedIn

Berlin-based GraphCMS, the company behind content federation platform GraphQL, announced it joined the MACH Alliance last week.

Meant to present and advocate for an open, and "best-of-breed" enterprise technology ecosystem, MACH stands for "microservices based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and - seeing its wide-ranging ecosystem as agile, nimble and always up to date. The MACH alliance works as an independent group of tech companies, of which GraphCMS is set to work closely with in guiding others on how to benefit from a lean and modular approach to enterprise technologies through adaptation of MACH architectures.

"We're thrilled to be joining the MACH Alliance. Their approach represents the future of software, where companies are in charge of defining composable tech stacks that are perfectly aligned with scaling their business model, rather than adapting to inflexible monolithic suites", said Ronak Ganatra, VP of Marketing at GraphCMS.

Effectively liberating data from legacy and third-party systems is seen as a key challenge for GraphCMS, as it works to enable digitally driven enterprises to strive towards creating immersive, high-performance digital enterprises. The company sees its content management capabilities and approach to remote data fetching from external systems, such as other MACH vendors, as enabling microservices to talk to each other. Such a capability, according to GraphCMS, allows organizations to deliver digital experiences across platforms, from streaming services to new eCommerce platforms in a fraction of the time. Companies can also build complex applications, while aggregating their data from multiple sources into a single API - effectively eliminating content silos and API sprawl.

Already supporting companies like Telenor, Burrow, 2U Inc. and Pyrm, GraphCMS now looks to accelerate enterprise-wide adoption of MACH compliant software architectures.

"The MACH alliance's ethos of encouraging companies in adopting modern, composable microservices rather than monolithic suites is extremely aligned with our own vision at GraphCMS, as we work with our customers in modernizing their stacks using best-of-breed solutions", said Christopher Kühn, CCO at GraphCMS.

Now as a formal member of the MACH Alliance, GraphCMS' goal stays as helping companies unify their content layers by federating business-critical APIs. Though it will now work to expand the reach and power of MACH compliant software architectures across platforms and industries.


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