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IBM Taps AI for New Workflow Automation and Data Migration Tools

May 12, 2021 Information Management
Stephanie Vaughn Freelance Writer
By Stephanie Vaughn

At Think 2021, IBM’s annual hybrid cloud and AI event, the company revealed an array of AI-driven products: Mono2Micro, an advanced capability in WebSphere that uses AI to streamline cloud app migration; Watson Orchestrate, a tool that helps automate work in business tools from Salesforce, SAP and Workday; and an updated IBM Cloud Pak, which reduces the cost and complexity of curating data for AI and machine learning workloads.

These new developments come at the behest of research commissioned by IBM, which found that almost a third of businesses are using some form of AI and machine learning.

“By 2027, the global AI market is expected to be worth $733.7 billion, according to Grand View Research. But while recent advances in technology are making AI more accessible, a lack of skills and increasing data complexity remain top challenges,” reported VentureBeat.

Here’s an overview of IBM’s latest AI products:


  • New service in WebSphere Hybrid Edition, IBM’s app and integration middleware.
  • Optimizes apps and workloads to run in hybrid cloud environments on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Refactors apps to move them to the cloud, restructuring existing code without changing its behavior or semantics.

Watson Orchestrate

  • The newest member of IBM’s Watson family. Designed to give workers across sales, human resources, operations, etc. the ability to perform tasks faster.
  • Interacts with existing enterprise systems. Can complete to-do list items, like scheduling meetings and procuring approvals.
  • Users can engage with Watson Orchestrate using natural language and it automatically selects and sequences prepackaged skills needed to perform a task, connecting with apps, tools, data and history in real-time.
  • Also understands and maintains context based on organizational knowledge and prior interactions, meaning it can act on information informed by a user’s preferences, like a preferred business application or email contact.
  • Follows acquisitions to expand IBM’s automation capabilities, including WDG Automation, Instana, MyInvenio and Turbonomic.
  • Currently available in preview as part of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation.

IBM Cloud Pak

  • IBM introduced Cloud Pak for Data three years ago as a way to help enterprises apply AI to data across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Has gained new AI-powered functionality, including AutoSQL, which automates the access, integration and management of data without having to move it.
  • AutoSQL uses a uniform query engine across sources as part of an intelligent data network that leverages AI to orchestrate data management tasks — discovering, understanding, accessing and protecting data across environments; combines disparate data into a unified view and aims to ensure data can be accessed without jeopardizing privacy, security or compliance.
  • AutoCatalog taps AI to automate how data is discovered and maintain a real-time catalog of assets from across enterprises.
  • AutoPrivacy — another data fabric component — automates the identification, monitoring, and enforcement of policies on sensitive data across organizations.
  • The upgraded Cloud Pak for Data is currently available to customers.


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