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Why Silicon Valley Didn’t Anticipate the COVID Comedown

Tech CEOs are laying off workers after predicting their COVID surges would persist. Here’s how they got it so wrong.

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Building an Inclusive Leadership Pipeline

Progress has been slow to increase diversity in the leadership ranks for many companies. Here are some simple steps to start moving the needle.

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The Key to Thriving in Turbulent Environments: Preparedness and Resilience

Over the last few years, leaders have seen the damage that a lack of preparedness and resilience can cause. Now's the time to develop those powers.

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How Long Can Mark Zuckerberg Keep Up His Metaverse Bet?

Meta spent $25 billion on R&D this year but made $84 billion. The stock charts may seem dire, but they don’t tell the full story.

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A Lesson in Leadership Grammar

Ask yourself: am I focusing on tactics or strategy?

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Thriving in Turbulent Times: The Strategic Executor and Accountable Collaborator

The multi-faceted and complex organizational challenges we face demand collaboration, not individual actions, to fully address them.

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What Happens When Employees Lose Their Fear?

What’s really destabilizing the workplace?

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When Times Are Tough, Leaders Get Humble

A phenomena first noticed during the recession of 2009 reappeared in 2022. This is what it tells us about leadership.

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Thriving in Turbulent Times: The Experienced Learner and the Prepared Risk Taker

The pandemic exacerbated two systemic weaknesses that persist today: over-reliance on how things worked in the past and lack of investment in risk awareness.

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Thriving in Turbulent Times: The 5 Leadership Superpowers – The Present Futurist

Disruption is nothing new, but too often leaders make excuses rather than building resilience. The Five Leadership Superpowers offer a way forward.

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Leadership Comes in Many Forms

The role of an effective leader is to paint a picture of a future that’s more desirable than the status quo.

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Working With Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness, or the ability to skillfully manage your emotions, has been called "the essential skill of the 21st-century economy."

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With Decision-Making, You Have to Go Slow to Go Fast

In the realm of decision-making, it would be great to be able to make good decisions quickly. But first, we need to make good decisions smoothly.

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How Work Leaders Can Harness Pressure in the Digital Workplace

Don't frown over that last-minute request just yet. Research shows some pressure can actually help leaders perform better.

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Who Makes the Decision?

Over the years a variety of techniques to detail who’s who in making a decision have emerged, none of them perfect.

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Simplicity Sprint or Simple Stunt? What Leaders Can Learn From Google

Google's Simplicity Sprint sounds good, but launching an efficiencies initiative at a time of economic duress seems like announcing layoffs under another name.

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Deciding How to Decide

While we all like to believe we make rational decisions, the reality is we jump into decisions we justify later, with demonstrable impacts on our businesses.

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Definitions and Examples of C-Suite Executives

A clear understanding of the roles of C-suite executives ensures a company works together to achieve its policies and plans.

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How to Identify Your Leadership Style

Thinking about your leadership style and how you lead will put you and your team in the best position for success.

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The 15 Traits, Characteristics and Qualities of Effective Leaders

Leadership traits define an organization and correlate with profitability and success.