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What Is the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)?

December 02, 2021 Learning and Development
By Dom Nicastro

The World Economic Forum estimates that half of employees will need to be reskilled by 2025. And, according to researchers, that number doesn’t include all the people who are currently not in employment.

This calls for a focus on training and development, and the internal staff members who can help employees with those reskilling challenges. But how do you ensure the trainers are trained? One way is to earn the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM) credential.

“The certification is meant for those who are interested in becoming employee training managers and is full of the skills required for designing and managing the training programs,” said Rolf Bax, HR manager at

What Is the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)?

Ken Taylor, CEO of Training Industry, which offers the CPTM credential, said the Certified Professional in Training Management program is a unique certification when it comes to those that focus on the training manager role.

The program, he said, teaches training managers and aspiring training managers the skills, tools and competencies they need to strategically align training to business goals.

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Who Administers the CPTM and Why Was it Developed?

The certification is administered by Training Industry and was developed in partnership with Pearson Learning based on a body of knowledge developed through over a decade of research, according to Taylor.

Some noteworthy considerations about the CPTM include:

  • The program consists of a self-paced e-learning portion and a live, interactive project-based practicum.
  • The CPTM practicum is facilitated by training professionals with a background in training management and is attended by professionals from all levels of experience and a number of industries across the world.
  • The final step of the program consists of the CPTM exam.

Upon successful completion, participants are awarded the CPTM designation and join the CPTM alumni network, a network of over 800 professionals worldwide dedicated to the business of learning.

“This network is an invaluable support to CPTMs as they navigate their careers as training managers,” Taylor said.

How Much Does the CPTM Cost?

The CPTM program costs $3,495 and includes:

  • 10 e-learning modules
  • Digital course materials
  • Live, interactive practicum and two attempts at the exam

Additionally, becoming a CPTM includes access to alumni opportunities such as live, interactive roundtables, access to the alumni resource library and a free pass to attend Training Industry Conference & Expo the first year after certification, according to Taylor. 

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How Do You Prepare for the CPTM?

The CPTM program is designed to prepare CPTM candidates for the certification exam, and, more importantly, according to Taylor, successfully fulfill their role as training managers.

Upon registration, participants are given access to 10 e-learning modules. The modules provide participants with a foundational knowledge of training management, which is based around Training Industry’s Training Manager Competency Model.

CPTM preparation also includes:

30 Hours of Pre-Work

On average, CPTM candidates report spending 30 hours on pre-work, according to Taylor. His team recommends starting preparations six weeks prior to the practicum date.

Live Practicum

Next, CPTM candidates attend a live, virtual instructor-led practicum. The CPTM practicum is facilitated by training professionals with backgrounds in training management and is attended by learning professionals from all levels of experience across multiple industries, according to Taylor. It is a team-based experience that simulates events a training manager will face.

“Teams are confronted with a real-world business problem and asked to conduct diagnostics to identify the root cause of that problem," he said. "Together, these teams develop a solution using learning and development and identify appropriate success metrics to evaluate that solution. One of the greatest assets of the CPTM community is the network candidates build, and the practicum cohort is a great place to start in building that network.”

What Happens If You Fail the CPTM?

Each candidate automatically receives two attempts to take the CPTM exam. If a candidate does not pass on their first attempt, they can immediately retake it. Candidates who do not pass their first attempt are provided guidance on which areas need improvement and how to invest their time preparing for their next attempt. Candidates can retake the exam up to five times. However, most pass the exam on their first attempt.

The exam, which has an 85% pass rate on the first attempt, according to Taylor, validates candidates’ understanding and achievement as a CPTM. Of those who need to take the exam a second time, 76% pass.

“The high percentage of candidates who are successful on their first attempt is dependent on preparation,” Taylor said. “When each of the preparatory steps are taken, including completing the e-learning pre-work and attending and participating in the CPTM practicum, CPTM candidates are well prepared to succeed in earning the credential through successfully passing the exam.”

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Why Invest in the CPTM?

Taylor said his company’s data suggests there are monetary and side benefits of earning the CPTM. Based on a Training Industry alumni survey, 100% of CPTMs who certified in 2021 say earning this certification increased their confidence in their ability to perform their job role. Within a year of certifying, he added, one out of every four graduates received a salary increase or promotion. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, corporate training and development specialists earn a median wage of $62,700 as of May 2020. Employment of training and development specialists is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030. About 35,200 openings for training and development specialists are projected each year in the next decade.

Meanwhile, training and development managers earned a median annual wage of $115,640 as of May 2020. Their employment is projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030. About 4,300 openings for training and development managers are projected each year. 

What's New With CPTM in 2021?

In 2021, over 1,000 L&D professionals began or completed the process of becoming a CPTM, according to Taylor. “And as the CPTM network grows, so do the certification’s benefits,” Taylor added. “The CPTM program is growing every year — so much so that we are adding more sessions constantly to meet the growing demands of training managers and L&D professionals everywhere.”

In 2022, the company plans to add accessibility options and a fresh look for the brand as a whole. “We are continually focused on developing and delivering more resources,” Taylor said, “to help training managers beyond the certification and providing access to a catalog of courses and research to help deepen their expertise.”


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