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Information Management

Automating Tasks Improves Workers’ Job Security — and Enterprise Innovation

Workers are more likely to ensure job security by helping drive digital transformation than preventing it.

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Digital Workplace

Roger Noia: Make Work Better Through Digital Workplace Experiences

Roger Noia of SAP discusses obstacles organizations face in implementing a truly digital workplace, the role of automation and the impact of culture on DWX.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Does Your Add-On Solution Only Add More Work?

Sometimes it's hard to know where the balance is between adding functionality with a third-party product and overwhelming your already limited resources.

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6 Steps to Revive Your Digital Transformation Projects

The pandemic shifted many IT resources, so you may have reached a point where you are struggling to ramp up or resume digital transformation projects.

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What Business Continuity Means in the Post-COVID-19 World

Up until recently, business continuity plans generally assumed that people would simply show up at a new location. COVID-19 changed that.

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Information Management

Looking to Automate Your Workplace? Here Are Some Things to Consider First

Many organizations are looking at automating workplace processes. However, successful automation requires strong planning and preparation.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Get the BPM Process Started

Are you looking at business process management (BPM) to be more agile and improve organizational efficiency? Here is how to get your plans off the ground.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How Automation Can Future-Proof Enterprises Against Major Disruption

While COVID-19 has seen many workers sent home, for many organizations it is the catalyst for automating enterprise processes. Here’s how.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Getting Work Done in the Next Normal

Automation will help us navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic to our “next normal” in three different ways.

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Collaboration & Productivity

What Skills Will Your Workforce Need for the Months Ahead?

Most businesses are busy putting out immediate fires in COVID-19’s wake. They don’t have time to focus on the bigger picture months or years out.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Intelligent Digital Workplace Is Already Here

A quiet revolution is taking place with the digital tools we use in the workplace.