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Digital Workplace

5 Steps Companies Can Take Today to Prepare for Future Crises

Linear responses to crises are adequate in many cases. But as we've learned in 2020, it's important to also have a robust response plan. Here's how to start.

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Digital Workplace

Reimagine Your Core Business Processes in 2021

Organizations are taking stock of the many process changes rapidly set in place over the last year with an eye towards how they must evolve.

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Collaboration & Productivity

2021 Business Lesson: Don't Slack on Your Outage Backup Plan

Slack went down on the first business day of the year for hours, bringing to light the need to have a backup plan. Is your business ready?

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Information Management

Business Continuity Was a Challenge for CIOs in 2020. Here's How They Did

In March, we talked to CIOs about their business continuity plans. Now, we revisit with those same CIOs to see how it went.

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What Business Continuity Means in the Post-COVID-19 World

Up until recently, business continuity plans generally assumed that people would simply show up at a new location. COVID-19 changed that.

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Digital Workplace

Planning Your Post-Pandemic Digital Workplace

We need to start planning how our digital workplaces should adapt for the long-term, but with so much uncertainty about what's coming next, how can you plan?

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CIOs Share Business Continuity Plans Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

CMSWire caught up with three CIOs about their COVID-19 response plans and how they support employee experience and business operations throughout trying times.