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Talent Management

What's the Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?

With companies still reporting skills shortages, could talent acquisition be the answer?

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Why Competitive Success Depends on Competence and Competencies

The waters between competence and competency have grown murky, yet they've never been more important as companies face the triple threat of pandemic recovery.

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Digital Workplace

The Rise of the Digitally Mature Organization

The playing field is shifting yet again, this time toward the vague concept of digital maturity.

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Digital Workplace

WorkBoard Puts OKRs in Broader Strategic Framework With Latest Release

WorkBoard announced the new WoBo Strategy and Collaboration Canvases earlier this month, stating it now has the "first full strategy execution stack."

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Digital Workplace

Being Agile in a Non-Agile World

Working in a high-performing agile team is a blessing and a curse.

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What Gives Business Leaders a Competitive Advantage?

"Legacy companies have the problem of operating by what used to work," said Rita Gunther McGrath. What does it take for them to move forward?