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Collaboration & Productivity

New Wave of Collaboration Apps Look to Cover All Team Collaboration Needs

Four pillars form the foundation of team collaboration — and an increasing number of collaboration apps are looking to incorporate all four.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The End of the Social Collaboration Experiment: The Technology Is the Problem

Fifteen years has been an eternity in the enterprise, and yet, our collaboration tools haven’t changed that much from their MySpace-like origins.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Finding the Right Collaboration Balance With Scrum

By using Scrum, people are a part of a team, tied by a common set of longer-term and shorter-term goals and collectively have accountability for all work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Why Asynchronous Videos Are Better Than Video Meetings

In the digital workplace, asynchronous video can be a way to avoid the challenges of organizing and executing video meetings.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Digital Whiteboard Specialist Mural Acquires LUMA Institute

The San Francisco-based company aims to create a system of 'collaborative intelligence' that will connect teams and drive design thinking.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Teams vs. Slack Debate: Which Is Best for Collaboration?

Salesforce's Slack and Microsoft's Teams both offer important collaboration capabilities for the digital workplace, but they're not the only game in town.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Employee Communications Management Platforms May Be Coming, But They're Not What We Need

Our focus as communicators has to be on improving communication outputs and outcomes for the organizations we work for, not on efficiencies for ourselves.

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Information Management

You've Recorded Your Online Meeting: Now What?

Recording online meetings has become default behavior. Determine what to do with these recordings now before the lack of governance comes back to haunt you.

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Why Relational Skills Are Vital for Digital Leaders

Strong relational skills are essential for the digital and hybrid workplace. Higher employee productivity and stronger culture are just two of the benefits.

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Collaboration & Productivity

What Could We Gain if We Collaborated More Efficiently?

Organizations that remodeled the way they collaborate in the past two years have found time they can now give back to staff or use to chase extra revenue.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Loom Updates Video Collaboration Platform to Support Asynchronous Work

New features added to the San Francisco-based company's Loom HQ are aimed at building connections and sharing information among distributed and hybrid teams.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers Are No Longer Enough

Enterprises that concentrate only on traditional collaboration tools are missing the chance to ensure workers stay engaged and remote work remains attractive.

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Digital Workplace

Shindig's Watercoolr Wants to Be the Place for Informal Connections in the Hybrid Workplace

The New York City-based events technology company aims to recreate the office watercooler in the hybrid world of work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Do We Collaborate Too Much?

There is undoubtedly a time and a place to collaborate and share, but sometimes getting on with the task is more productive.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Finding the Balance Between Deep Work and Collaboration

How do we balance the tension between individuals seeking to accomplish deep work and the need to coordinate work across individuals, teams and networks?

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Collaboration & Productivity

Do You Have the Right Collaboration Habits?

The use of collaboration tools has accelerated to the point that we now have more collaboration platforms than we know what to do with.

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Employee Experience

Achievers Aims to Recreate the Employee Watercooler for Remote and Hybrid Work

The new module from the Toronto-based company targets employee isolation by connecting employees in the new workplace environment.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Otter.ai Wants to Be in the Room Where Hybrid Meetings Happen

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company announced product updates that allow users to automatically generate meeting transcripts and assign action items.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Future of Video in the Virtual Collaboration Market

Despite workers returning to the office, the future is still bright for video conferencing. But it will require a comprehensive look at virtual collaboration.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Klaxoon Updates Digital Workshop Platform With New Engage Edition

Klaxoon released a 'complete overhaul' of its digital collaborative workshop platform on March 16 with the release of Engage Edition.