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Collaboration & Productivity

Why It's too Soon to Dismiss Email for Collaboration

If you thought collaboration apps would make email obsolete, new research suggests otherwise. Here's why email collaboration remains #1.

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Digital Workplace

The Elements of a Robust Digital Workplace

Ask a number of experts to define the elements of a robust digital workplace and you'll receive a variety of answers.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Recent Spike in Collaboration Tool Adoption Doesn't Mean Productivity Spikes Too

Perhaps now is the time to think less about "getting more stuff done" and concentrate instead on "stuff worth doing."

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Collaboration & Productivity

A New Generation of Collaboration Tools: Is it Really Different This Time?

Collaboration products have been around in their current form since the 1980s. So are the latest products all that different, other than the "teamwork" name?

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Collaboration & Productivity

7 Ways to Measure Workplace Collaboration and Productivity Tool Efficacy

Many organizations have implemented tools to enable better collaboration and improved productivity. But how do you measure the efficacy of those tools.