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Digital Workplace

A Well-Designed Digital Workplace Helps Employees – and Your Customers

Most cases of customer dissatisfaction can be traced back to an employee's inability to find the required information or tool they need to resolve the issue.

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Digital Workplace

Want to Improve Internal Communications? Pay Attention to These 2 Key Moments

If you want to improve internal communication, you need to know there are two key moments when a communication is important for an employee.

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Digital Workplace

Are These Misconceptions Dragging Down Your Digital Workplace Strategy?

A clear understanding of your employees' needs is the primary ingredient for any digital workplace project.

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Digital Workplace

Does Your Digital Workplace Design Help Employees Get Work Done?

By asking yourself a few key questions, you'll quickly see if your digital workplace is helping or hurting the chances of people accomplishing their work.

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Digital Workplace

Who Should Contribute to Your Intranet?

When it comes to keeping intranet content up to date, some people view the task as a chore, while others welcome the work.

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Digital Workplace

The Biggest Problem With Intranet Design

Intranet managers need a simple, actionable model to design a better load-bearing structure for their digital workplace.

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Employee Experience

Is Your Digital Employee Experience Focused on the Wrong Thing?

Digital employee experience (DEX) has typically focused on the employee lifecycle. Yet I would argue DEX has a much more important opportunity.

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Digital Workplace

Who Should Own the Digital Workplace?

For a digital workplace to thrive, its focus needs to align with broader company objectives, not narrow departmental interests alone.

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Digital Workplace

Applying the Why, How and What Model to Your Intranet

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle is a generous framework. In this article, we look at three ways to apply it to intranet projects.

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Digital Workplace

Eliminate These 8 Types of Waste From Your Digital Workplace With Lean Management

A core tenet of lean management is identifying and reducing eight types of waste. While typically applied to physical workplaces, it applies in digital too.

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Employee Experience

The Most Critical Areas to Fix in Digital Employee Experience

Digital workplace managers take a variety of approaches to improving the digital employee experience. Focusing on this one area can deliver outsized results.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace Complexity Is Slowing Down Your Workforce

Workplace complexity is one of the biggest challenges for modern workers. How can we fix it?

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Digital Workplace

Can You Mass Produce a Great Intranet?

The number one objective of an intranet is to help users do their tasks. Unfortunately, many intranets fail to achieve that objective.

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Digital Workplace

The 6 Basic Needs of the Remote Worker When Doing a Task

If you take care of the needs of remote employees tasks will get done faster, better and with much lower costs.

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Digital Workplace

Poor Information Architecture Is Hurting Your Business

A look at five business situations where poor intranet information architecture has a direct business impact.

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Digital Workplace

Using 5S Methodology to Improve Your Digital Workplace

5S, a Japanese workplace organization method for physical workspaces, can also be applied to the digital workplace. Here's how.