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Improving Digital Literacy Is 'Simple'

How digital literacy and employee experience can affect digital workplace technology purchase decision-making.

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6 Tips for Conducting a Digital Literacy Assessment

The buyer's journey has changed, making digital literacy a must for today's businesses. Here are things to consider when doing a digital literacy assessment.

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Why Play Is Important for Digital Literacy

Classroom training is out of fashion because it takes people away from their desk, but sometimes that's precisely what we need to do.

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Digital Proficiency: Literacy, Fluency and Mastery

If we only get our organizations to become digitally literate, we’re giving them the skills of third graders. We need to aim higher.

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Digital Literacy Initiatives Must Evolve With the Workplace: 4 Potential Directions

As digital workplaces and tools become more complex, digital literacy initiatives may start to resemble the type of training previously aimed at super-users.

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4 Key Elements of an Impactful Workplace Digital Literacy Program

Organization's digital literacy initiatives are — in many cases — tentative, piecemeal and unfocused.