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Digital Workplace

Digital Transformation Has a Branding and a Leadership Problem

Digital transformation is a dirty word for some.

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Who Makes the Decision?

Over the years a variety of techniques to detail who’s who in making a decision have emerged, none of them perfect.

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Digital Workplace

The Role of IoT in the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

The internet of things is key to digital transformation in manufacturing. Some tips to get it off the ground and unlock its value.

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Talent Management

Digital Transformation and Talent Shortages Roil the HR Tech Industry

A shortage of talent and changes in the workplace education market complicate employers' and tech vendors' efforts to prepare for the future.

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Information Management

Establishing Intelligent Automation ROI Is a Moving Target

Big hopes for the ROI of automation projects don't always pan out. Here's how to gain a clearer picture of if your goals are in sight.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Transformation: What's Next?

After a pandemic-fueled surge, digital transformation is potentially entering a new era with the emergence of Web3 and the metaverse.

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Digital Workplace

The Rise of the Digitally Mature Organization

The playing field is shifting yet again, this time toward the vague concept of digital maturity.

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Digital Workplace

On the Path to Becoming Digital, Don’t Forget the Humans

Transforming a business into a digital operation isn’t just about upgrading software or revamping a website, it starts by putting human needs at the center.

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Digital Transformation Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

We can learn lessons from marathon running that we can apply to digital transformation — from training and mindset to proper fueling.

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Digital Transformation Isn't Just a Technology Issue, It's a Business Issue

Too often, companies try to implement digital transformations without involving the people who will be doing the work. And that’s a recipe for failure.

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Is Your Digital Transformation Headed for Trouble?

A reported 70% of digital transformation efforts fall short of their objectives. Here are three warning signs to look out for before your efforts get derailed.

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Digital Workplace

From Remote Working to Intelligent Working: Next Steps for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation plans were well underway before the pandemic. Now, with the infrastructure to support new ways of working, the question is: what's next?

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Information Management

Extending Data Science Skills Across the Organization

For data science to truly change an organization, it can’t be left up to just the data scientists.

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5 Elements of a Successful Innovation Strategy

Five key areas spell the difference between a successful innovation strategy and being surrounded by a pool of innovative ideas just out of reach.

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Digital Workplace

Don't Look Back and Other Business Lessons From COVID-19

Dealing with remote work post-COVID isn't the right frame to approach the issue. What's really in play is how orgs will handle the demand for flexible work.

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Digital Workplace

Is Your Digital Transformation Stalled? These 3 Management Techniques May Be Why

If your digital transformation project is stalling, take a critical look at your management style.

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Employee Experience

Should HR Be Employee-Driven or Product-Driven?

Is it time for people-focused HR to pivot to a product-centric approach? It seems counterintuitive but it's right on target for better employee experiences.

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The Trout Stack or: Why 'Why' Is the Key to Transformational Leadership

‘Why’ is perhaps the most powerful, destructive and dangerous question ever uttered. It can also be a great source of inspiration.

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Digital Workplace

HR's Role in Renewing Digital Transformation

With increasing focus on talent and culture, HR leaders must ensure they are seen as a key player in their organization's digital transformation efforts.

Get Reworked Podcast Episode 28 Guest Alan Pelz-Sharpe of advisory firm Deep Analysis

Information Management

Get Reworked Podcast: Now Is the Time for Bold Thinking About Change

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, information management expert and Deep Analysis founder, shares how to take a fresh look at your workplace technology and processes.