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Digital Workplace

Slack Unveils Canvas, ServiceNow Upgrades Now Platform, More News

Slack brings Quip's collaborative tooling into play with Canvas, ServiceNow upgrades its Now Platform, and news from Google, Zoom and Messagepoint.

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Digital Workplace

Can AI Nudging Help Keep Workers on Track?

Employee monitoring has raised ethical concerns, but can AI-based nudging provide workarounds?

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Talent Management

Can Employers Change Employees' Job Descriptions?

Shifts in the way we work means roles may need to be redefined. But how can employers change employees' job descriptions out of the blue?

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Digital Workplace

Artificial Intelligence of Things Emerges: Should You Care?

There's a new kid in town: the Artificial Intelligence of Things. But what is it, and can you use it?

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Digital Workplace

Encourage, Engage and Manage Using a Robust Employee Intranet (With Examples)

Employee engagement, employee thriving or employee experience — whatever you call it, it's paramount.

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Digital Workplace

What AI Automation Can Bring to Your Organization

The promise of AI automation is fueling adoption across industries. But what does it mean for your business?

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Talent Management

Should You Use Performance Improvement Plans?

There are pros and cons to using Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) to boost productivity. So, how do you know if they're right for you?


Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace Governance Is About Engaging, Not Controlling

Digital workplace governance is the antidote to many common problems. But governance isn't a weapon and shouldn't be used as a method of control.

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Working With Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness, or the ability to skillfully manage your emotions, has been called "the essential skill of the 21st-century economy."

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Digital Workplace

Workday's UX and Skills Updates, Oracle Doubles Down on Employee Experience, More News

Announcements from Workday Rising and Oracle kick off this week's update, while news from Zoom and Canva round out the week.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Transformation Has a Branding and a Leadership Problem

Digital transformation is a dirty word for some.

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Talent Management

A Modern Approach to Measuring Employee Performance

As we adapt to new ways of working, leaders may want to also start re-evaluating their performance measurement strategy.

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Digital Workplace

Video Meetings Are Here to Stay, Despite Return to Office

Video conferencing and virtual calls will remain a staple of the digital workplace, despite the move to return to the physical workplace.

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Employee Experience

How to Create Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Psychological safety has moved up on the agenda, with good reason. What can leaders do to create a psychologically safe working environment?

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Employee Experience

Goodbye Employee Engagement, Hello Employee Thriving

Unpacking the close connection between "employee thriving" and inclusive collaboration.

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How Work Leaders Can Harness Pressure in the Digital Workplace

Don't frown over that last-minute request just yet. Research shows some pressure can actually help leaders perform better.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Upgrades Teams Rooms, LumApps Debuts Employee Data Layer, More News

Microsoft aims to improve hybrid meetings, LumApps adds a data layer to its employee experience platform. Nintex, Fivetran and Livestorm round out the news.

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Talent Management

Rethinking Employee Benefits in a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work provides flexibility to employees — a perk many are enjoying. But is that enough to keep workers happy?

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Talent Management

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: When Overthinking Stymies Action

Sticking with what's “comfortable” in business won't help guide your company or your workforce into the future. So what's holding you back?

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Collaboration & Productivity

It's Still a Good Time to Introduce an Asynchronous Work Policy

A flexible workplace doesn't mean anything goes. For asynchronous work to succeed, businesses have to first set up guardrails,