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Employee Experience

The 4-Day Workweek Won't Cure Burnout (at Least Not Yet)

Addressing stress and burnout is important not only for employee satisfaction, retention and acquisition, but for business performance, too.

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Learning & Development

Coaching Startup TaskHuman Raises $20M

The new funding for the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup shows investment in employee coaching and well-being remains resilient in a turbulent market.

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Digital Workplace

McKinsey Surveys State of Remote Work, MuleSoft Enters RPA Market, More News

McKinsey digs into the state of remote working in the U.S., Salesforce introduces RPA through MuleSoft, Google updates Workspace and Workvivo lands funding.

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Digital Workplace

Bracing for a Recession: Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

Looking back at the pandemic and past recessions may help business leaders better prepare to face a potential recession ahead.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Improve Productivity by Focusing on Employee Needs

AI isn't going to boost productivity goals in the short-term, so where should our focus lie?

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Employee Experience

Chatbots Are the Link Between Customer and Employee Experience

Customers drive business, and a positive employee experience should drive more customers. Chatbots can play a key role.

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Talent Management

Should Compensation Be Based on Location?

How global and remote organizations set up their pay scale has a big impact on employees. Here's a look at some key considerations.

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Talent Management

Gloat Nets $90M to Grow Workforce Agility Platform

The New York City-based company plans to use the money to help companies navigate market disruptions.

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VC Firms Still Spending Like Drunken Sailors

2022 is on track to be the second most active year ever for venture capital investment in tech companies, despite the narrative that says otherwise.

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Digital Workplace

Slack Huddles Up, Zoom's New Collaboration Environment, the Metaverse Gets a Standard & More News

Slack adds video chat and a new product for the public sector. Zoom announces Zoom One, the metaverse gets a standards forum and more digital workplace news.

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Digital Workplace

Modeling Business With AI

Modeling work with AI isn't about trying to replace all the humans. It is about understanding how work is done so that you can optimize it.

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Digital Workplace

Modeling the Workplace: The Role and Future of AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a growing set of use cases in today's workplace. But where are these technologies heading next?

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Digital Workplace

Assessing Your Team's Digital Workplace Skills

There's a set of specific core skills that have become pivotal to success in the digital workplace. Here's what they are and how organizations can develop them.

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Digital Workplace

Your Content Has a Carbon Footprint ... and It’s a Problem

Check your content strategy. Can you find a process for content review and deletion?

Get Reworked Episode 38 with LEGO's head of workplace, Timothy Ahrensbach

Digital Workplace

Get Reworked Podcast: ​What Makes an Office Worth Coming To?

The LEGO Group's Timothy Ahrensbach shares how his team approaches workplace design to create spaces that inspire creativity and play.

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Digital Workplace

Do Recessions Create More Resilient Workforces?

A recession can be a dire time for business. But there are ways to use the moment to build a stronger, more adaptable workforce.

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Digital Workplace

Gallup Shares Troubling Employee Trends, Wrike’s Unstructured Data Play, More News

Gallup finds employees around the world are stressed, Cisco updates Webex, Workato plunges into unstructured data and more news.

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Digital Workplace

5 Common Causes of Digital Workplace Friction

Conflict is inevitable, whether it's in the digital as well as the physical workplace. Here's how leaders can stay one step ahead of potential trouble spots.

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Digital Workplace

How to Keep the Great Resignation From Sinking Your Workforce

New research from PwC suggests the Great Resignation will continue for at least another year. Here are some tips to safeguard against a mass exodus.

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Digital Workplace

How to Make Your Digital Workplace More Accessible

Enhanced accessibility helps employees feel more satisfied, and companies achieve higher productivity and engagement.