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Digital Workplace

Hybrid Work Is About Flexibility and Trust, Not Location

It is the flexible workplace, not hybrid — or fully remote, or fully in-person, for that matter — that we should be striving for.

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Digital Workplace

SaaS Is in Style: Here’s How to Collaborate With Confidence

While industry data clearly demonstrates the preference for, and value of, SaaS applications, I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

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Learning & Development

Professional Learning Is Critical – and In Need of a Refresh

Three key issues need fixing to better train corporate learners, to increase adoption and make people's journeys more engaging along the way.

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Digital Workplace

Intranets Are Back, But Not How They Used to Be

Once considered a static digital bulletin board, intranets now have the potential to support vibrant communities which add to positive employee experiences.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Are You Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams?

A recent survey found 97% of companies have yet to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams capabilities. Here are four tips to make the most of the platform.

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Digital Workplace

5 Ways to Enable an Effective and Durable Hybrid Workplace

Labor Day marks the launch of the hybrid workplace for many organizations. Here's how they can meet the unique challenges this model creates head-on.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Making Collaboration Work in the Hybrid Workplace

Success requires a culture of effective collaboration that starts with leadership and trickles down to every employee.