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Information Management

Right-Size Your Enterprise Content Management Pilots

Content system procurement processes have improved, but one area remains weak: pilots. Learn how to define a pilot that delivers real answers.

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Information Management

Strategy Eats Technology for Breakfast

When I look at the state of the software market, I wonder if we're just revisiting the old ECM story, where people mistook buying technology as a strategy.

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Information Management

What the Next Few Years Hold for Enterprise Content Management

We have all the components. So why aren’t we in a good place with true enterprise content management?

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Information Management

Evolving Content Management With Design Thinking

Many information management conversations start with the tools. Design thinking refocuses the conversation on the humans.

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Information Management

Now Is the Time to Be Strategic With Content Management

Following a year when content management solutions were hastily slapped in place, now's the time to assess the state of content management in your organization.

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Information Management

The 5 Most Important Things We’ve Learned About Enterprise Content Management

In the decades since ECM first emerged, we've learned a lot about “how” to make ECM work. Here are five of the biggest lessons.

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Information Management

New Information Management Architecture Brings Flexibility and Confusion

The future of information management architecture is where the backend repository is separate from the user interface.

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Information Management

Content in a Time of Crisis: How ECM Best Practices Make Vital Connections

The turnaround of information to our public and colleagues must be faster and digital as a result of the recent global shakeup.