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Digital Workplace

Slack Huddles Up, Zoom's New Collaboration Environment, the Metaverse Gets a Standard & More News

Slack adds video chat and a new product for the public sector. Zoom announces Zoom One, the metaverse gets a standards forum and more digital workplace news.

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Collaboration & Productivity

It’s 2022: Can We Finally Escape the Productivity Paradox?

Productivity is the wrong measure of human performance in the 21st century.

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IBM, EY Launch Talent Center of Excellence, Microsoft Metaverse Shake Up, More News

IBM and EY team up to tackle workplace HR challenges while Microsoft loses its HoloLens lead. Bitwave, Apple and Devo round out the news.

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What Surveys Can’t Tell You About Hybrid Working

Surveys are great for soliciting subjective employee feedback to inform engagement initiatives. But they're less useful at finding out what people do at work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How the Metaverse Will Usher in a New Era of Collaboration

As the metaverse develops, organizations are starting to look at it as a way to improve enterprise collaboration. Here's why.

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Broadcom’s $61B VMware Buy, Microsoft and Adobe Deepen Collaboration, More News

Broadcom announced plans to buy VMware, Adobe and Microsoft deepened their partnership to improve collaboration and Google teases an upcoming video integration.

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More Isn’t Always Better: 5 Reasons Companies Are Streamlining the Digital Workplace

Five reasons why it makes sense to reduce the number of individual tools employees use in favor of a single platform.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Build: 5 Digital Workplace Related Announcements

Microsoft Build took place this week and, as expected, a number of announcements came out with implications for the digital workplace. Here are five of them.

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Digital Workplace

Can Deep Work and the Digital Workplace Coexist?

Some argue the proliferation of workplace technology threatens innovation, deep thought and true connection. Can digital workplace pros fight fire with fire?

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Digital Workplace

Why Organizations Should Focus on Agile Rather Than Matrixed Teams

Matrixed teams can support organizations with limited resources, but they're hard to manage. Agile teams offer a better alternative.

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One Simple Practice Change Could Remove Hybrid Working Stress

Without the use of asynchronous channels of communications (other than email), technical exhaustion will escalate to impact an even larger proportion of staff.

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Microsoft Debuts Viva Goals, Google Revisits Classic Sites Shutdown Timeline, More News

Microsoft puts Ally.io buy to work in Viva, Google pushes back Classic Sites shutdown (again), Miro overhauls its developer platform and more news.

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Digital Workplace

The Speed of Work Today: More, Faster, Now

The dizzying array of communication tools we use in the workplace has led to unprecedented levels of information overload. Is more technology the answer?

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Make Collaboration Work in the Hybrid Workplace

Effective collaboration is easier said than done. In a hybrid workplace, it's even more complicated. Here are the key pieces to get right.

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Digital Workplace

Google Unveils Digital Workplace Plans for the Coming Year at Google I/O

The Google I/O developer conference this week covered a wide range of topics, but did include new upgrades and releases for the digital workplace.

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Digital Workplace

Beyond the Hype: 4 Ways to Drive Real Business Value in the Metaverse

The specifics of how businesses can find opportunities in the metaverse can be hard to grasp in this nascent, evolving and exorbitantly hyped space.

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Collaboration & Productivity

New Wave of Collaboration Apps Look to Cover All Team Collaboration Needs

Four pillars form the foundation of team collaboration — and an increasing number of collaboration apps are looking to incorporate all four.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The End of the Social Collaboration Experiment: The Technology Is the Problem

Fifteen years has been an eternity in the enterprise, and yet, our collaboration tools haven’t changed that much from their MySpace-like origins.

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Digital Workplace

WhatsApp Upgrade Improves Business Appeal, Strivr Lands $35M for VR Training and More News

Zoom enters visual collaboration market, Microsoft rebrands governance products and more news from Strivr, Meta and Device42.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Finding the Right Collaboration Balance With Scrum

By using Scrum, people are a part of a team, tied by a common set of longer-term and shorter-term goals and collectively have accountability for all work.