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Digital Workplace

Slack Unveils Canvas, ServiceNow Upgrades Now Platform, More News

Slack brings Quip's collaborative tooling into play with Canvas, ServiceNow upgrades its Now Platform, and news from Google, Zoom and Messagepoint.

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Employee Experience

Goodbye Employee Engagement, Hello Employee Thriving

Unpacking the close connection between "employee thriving" and inclusive collaboration.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Upgrades Teams Rooms, LumApps Debuts Employee Data Layer, More News

Microsoft aims to improve hybrid meetings, LumApps adds a data layer to its employee experience platform. Nintex, Fivetran and Livestorm round out the news.

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Collaboration & Productivity

It's Still a Good Time to Introduce an Asynchronous Work Policy

A flexible workplace doesn't mean anything goes. For asynchronous work to succeed, businesses have to first set up guardrails,

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Digital Workplace

What $1B in Fines for WhatsApp Use Tells Us About Usability and Compliance

A fine this large will inspire many IT leaders to crack down on unauthorized app use. What's needed is a more pragmatic approach.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Communication and Collaboration at a Crossroads

Productivity and empathy, hard facts and figures, soft factors and leadership skills: All of these are needed for success today.

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Digital Workplace

The Principles of Staying Connected While Working Remotely

Frontline workers and knowledge workers have different needs, but the basic principles of keeping these employees connected is fundamentally the same.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Rethinking the Role of Meetings in Digital-first Workplaces

Despite ongoing Zoom fatigue, meetings may hold the key to creating a richer work environment in our digital era.

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Digital Workplace

Do You Know Why You Are Calling Workers Back to the Office?

Managers who are trying to resurrect deskbound, central office work models need to understand what is driving their choices.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft OneDrive Gets New Home Experience, Slack's Hashed Password Leak, More News

Microsoft celebrates 15 years of OneDrive with new Home experience, Slack manages a security problem, plus news from Google Workspace and Nightfall AI.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How the Role of Internal Workplace Chat Tools Is Evolving

Internal chat apps proliferated during the early days of the pandemic to maintain connections between employees. Companies now must decide what comes next.

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Digital Workplace

'Giving Back Time' and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves About Meetings

When is the last time you looked at your recurring meetings with a critical eye?

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Digital Workplace

Intranets Still Play an Important Role in the Digital Workplace

Despite the proliferation of communications tools in the workplace, the role of the enterprise intranet remains secure.

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Employee Experience

The Road to Hybrid Team Cohesion Lies in ... Video Games?

Companies have tried virtual team-building exercises to boost engagement in a remote environment, to mixed results. Video games might hold the answer.

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Digital Workplace

Top Intranets Tackle Hybrid Workplace Challenges, Miro Integrates With Google Meet, More News

Nielsen Norman Group announces this year's top intranet designs, Microsoft suggests we're measuring the wrong things, plus more from Miro, Corel and Yoobic.

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Digital Workplace

How to Build a Remote Work Team From the Ground Up

What does it take to build a high-performing remote work team from scratch? Here are some tips to achieve long-term success.

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Digital Workplace

McKinsey Surveys State of Remote Work, MuleSoft Enters RPA Market, More News

McKinsey digs into the state of remote working in the U.S., Salesforce introduces RPA through MuleSoft, Google updates Workspace and Workvivo lands funding.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Improve Productivity by Focusing on Employee Needs

AI isn't going to boost productivity goals in the short-term, so where should our focus lie?

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Digital Workplace

Slack Huddles Up, Zoom's New Collaboration Environment, the Metaverse Gets a Standard & More News

Slack adds video chat and a new product for the public sector. Zoom announces Zoom One, the metaverse gets a standards forum and more digital workplace news.

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Collaboration & Productivity

It’s 2022: Can We Finally Escape the Productivity Paradox?

Productivity is the wrong measure of human performance in the 21st century.