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Leadership Comes in Many Forms

The role of an effective leader is to paint a picture of a future that’s more desirable than the status quo.

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Digital Workplace

What's Driving the Growth of Smart Buildings?

Smart buildings may be the solution to digital technology's massive energy problem. Extra bonus? It may help attract workers, too.

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Digital Workplace

What's Driving the Move to the 'Eco' Digital Workplace?

New research shows workers returning to the office are demanding more environmentally friendly offices. Should employers acquiesce?

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3 Tips to Build a CSR Program Your Employees Will Care About

It's time for the traditional CSR model of charitable giving to make way for more creative and innovative approaches.

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Your Content Has a Carbon Footprint: Here’s How to Tackle the Problem

Let's focus on producing carbon conscious content and creating a culture of content cancellation. Because does our content really need jazz hands?

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Digital Workplace

Your Content Has a Carbon Footprint ... and It’s a Problem

Check your content strategy. Can you find a process for content review and deletion?

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Digital Workplace

How to Make Your Digital Workplace More Environmentally Friendly

Digitization and remote work aren't necessarily an environmental boon. Here are a few tips to make your digital (and physical) workplace more green.

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Digital Workplace

Reduce, Reuse, Don't Email: Sustainability Tips for the Digital Workplace

Think twice before sending that email. It's bad for the environment. That and other sustainability tips for the digital workplace.