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Digital Workplace

The Keys to HR Tech in 2021

Wherever technology touches the workforce, pay close attention to flexibility, productivity and integration.

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Hacker Takes Over Twitter Security, Zoom Adds a Big Name to Board and More People on the Move

Twitter taps a hacker to lead security, former Arizona governor joins Zoom, Limeade names a new CTO and McDonald's overhauls HR.

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Employee Experience

5 Ways Chatbots Improve Employee Experience

As the use of AI-fueled chatbots grows, so do applications to employee experience. Self-service HR, recruiting, onboarding and learning are just the start.

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Digital Workplace

Employers See Need for 'Diverse' Tech Ecosystem, Collaboration Beats Reskilling and More HR Tech News

Employers are favoring collaboration over reskilling, tech platforms rise to the digital transformation challenge and more HR tech news.

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Digital Workplace

Sameer Chowdhri: Focus on the Learning Culture in Your Digital Workplace

Sameer Chowdhri of Workplace from Facebook discusses the ideal vs. the real digital workplace experience and the need to build and maintain a learning culture.

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Employee Experience

How Workplace Managers Can Help Prevent Employee Burnout

While there are many advantages to remote working, recent research shows that it is responsible for a lot of employee burnout. Here’s what managers can do.

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Learning & Development

5 Learning and Development Certifications for the Workplace

Certifications are a great way to advance your career and add more to your salary. We've asked industry experts to weigh in on which are good choices right now.

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Digital Workplace

What People Operations Can Learn From Product Development

Working more like product developers can increase the impact of People Operations teams and their ability to react quickly and effectively to teams’ needs.

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Employee Experience

Now's the Time for HR to Improve the Digital Employee Experience

Organizations have invested heavily in superior physical workplace experience. Now's the time to up their virtual workplace game to attract the best talent.

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Employee Experience

Improve Your Onboarding for a Better Employee Experience

Onboarding is one of the first opportunities to provide a prospective employee with a look at the company’s culture. Here are some tips to do it right.

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Employee Experience

5 Ways to Create a Better Employee Experience

Most companies understand that customer experience has a dramatic impact on their business, but many fail to consider the impact of employee experience.

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Employee Experience

5 Reasons to Invest in Employee Experience

By understanding the employee experience, business leaders can gain actionable insights into what it takes to make the employee journey a positive one.

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Employee Experience

How Remote Work Will Impact the Management of Employee Experience

With large numbers of employees working from home, enterprises will have to rethink what they know about employee experience and how it's evolving. Here’s why.

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Employee Experience

9 Employee Engagement Survey Questions to Ask

Employee engagement is key to a successful business. So how can leaders gain insight into engagement levels? Internal surveys are a great place to start.

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Digital Workplace

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources

AI has been creeping into the workplace and employers are looking to use it to improve employee experience. Here are seven ways it's changing the role of HR.

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Learning & Development

Why Remote Learning and Online Learning Are Not the Same

With millions of workers sent home to work, professional development continues. However, there is a big difference between online learning and remote learning.

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3 Ways HR Can Lead Digital Transformation

By being at the forefront of both the people and business side of the organization, HR is in a prime position to spearhead digital change in the workplace.

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Employee Experience

Should Your Human Resources Team Be Working More Closely with IT?

Do HR and IT teams have a mutual understanding of one another? Some say no, they do not, and, it can be the most challenging factor to effective collaboration.