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Information Management

Records Management Needs a Refresh

Despite the fact that records management has largely disappeared from discussions about the digital workplace, it still has an important role. Here's why.

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Digital Workplace

What AI Automation Can Bring to Your Organization

The promise of AI automation is fueling adoption across industries. But what does it mean for your business?

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Information Management

Are Your Risk Assessments Reliable?

How confident is your chief risk officer in their risk assessment? Are they 100% confident? 90% or 80%? CROs need to understand the margin of error.

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Information Management

Right-Size Your Enterprise Content Management Pilots

Content system procurement processes have improved, but one area remains weak: pilots. Learn how to define a pilot that delivers real answers.

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Information Management

What Is Identity Management (and Should Companies Care)?

Identity theft is a significant cause of cybercrime, and identity management solutions are promising to help minimize the risk.

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Digital Workplace

OpenText's $6B Micro Focus Buy, VMWare Deepens Microsoft Partnership, More News

OpenText buys Micro Focus while VMWare deepens its partnership for cloud computing with Microsoft. There is also news from Meta, HP and Hyland.

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Information Management

How Document Management Can Control Your Files

Document management systems reduce costs, minimize human error, eliminate physical damage to a file, solve retrieval issues and provide ample storage space.

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Digital Workplace

What $1B in Fines for WhatsApp Use Tells Us About Usability and Compliance

A fine this large will inspire many IT leaders to crack down on unauthorized app use. What's needed is a more pragmatic approach.

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Information Management

The Importance of Data Quality for Business

The quality of data is crucial for understanding what’s happening in a company. Here's how to make sure you're getting it right.

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Digital Workplace

Disorganized Data Can Hold You Back — Here's How to Fix It

Without an effective data management strategy, organizations are less likely to meet business targets.

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Information Management

Management Information Systems: The Engine of Business Operations

Management information systems supply businesses and organizations with technologies that create an improved flow of information and better communications.

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Information Management

Why You Need Data Observability in the Digital Workplace

IBM's recent acquisition highlights a growing focus on the importance of data observability for digital organizations.

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Information Management

What's Driving Growth in the IoT Market?

The past two years have driven significant growth in the IoT market — with considerable pathway left ahead.

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Information Management

Sentient or Not, Google’s LaMDA Chatbot Is Some Seriously Powerful Tech

You might soon speak with LaMDA as a friend and get it to shape your online experience.

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Information Management

Cybersecurity Isn't an IT Risk, It's a Business Risk

Cybersecurity risk assessment should be an integral part of the organization’s enterprise risk management program and decision-making, not a siloed operation.

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Talent Management

The Wonky World of Blockchain Recruiting

Blockchain skills are in high demand, but finding these often self-taught experts requires a more flexible recruiting approach.

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Information Management

Data Mesh or Data Fabric as a Foundation for Data Management Strategy

A growing number of companies are looking to data fabric and data mesh to manage data. But what exactly are they, and how can they help?

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Information Management

Establishing Intelligent Automation ROI Is a Moving Target

Big hopes for the ROI of automation projects don't always pan out. Here's how to gain a clearer picture of if your goals are in sight.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Improve Productivity by Focusing on Employee Needs

AI isn't going to boost productivity goals in the short-term, so where should our focus lie?

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Information Management

AI Governance Is a Challenge That Can't Be Ignored

As business finds increasing uses for AI, developing a model for governance of the data will be critical to staying on the right side of regulation.