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Digital Workplace

Do We Still Need Intranet Teams?

In spite of all the progress on the technology side of things, widespread confusion remains around the role of intranet teams.

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Digital Workplace

How Intranets and Employee Experience Platforms Complement and Compete

A desire to deliver a simple set of tools for employees is something to celebrate. But the risk is each support function digs in around ‘their’ EX vision.

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Knowledge & Findability

Why Communications Plays a Starring Role in Enterprise Search Success

Enterprise search is often viewed as a set-it-and-forget-it project, a sure-fire path to failure. Success depends in part on regular communications with users.

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Employee Experience

Staffbase Raises $115M to Grow Employee Communications Platform

The Series E investment pushes the Chemnitz, Germany-based employee communications specialist into unicorn status with a valuation of $1.1 billion.

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Digital Workplace

Why Saving Time on Intranets Remains a Bad Metric

At a time of sudden labor shortages, productivity benefits are incredibly important. But let's be clear: saving time on the intranet isn't one of them.

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Digital Workplace

Want to Improve Internal Communications? Pay Attention to These 2 Key Moments

If you want to improve internal communication, you need to know there are two key moments when a communication is important for an employee.

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Digital Workplace

Intranet Platforms 2022: The State of the Industry

Intranets have recently seen improvements to the deskless worker experience, a renewed focus on internal comms and more. But some areas still need attention.

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Digital Workplace

Are These Misconceptions Dragging Down Your Digital Workplace Strategy?

A clear understanding of your employees' needs is the primary ingredient for any digital workplace project.

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Digital Workplace

Could LinkedIn Be Your Next Company Intranet Platform?

LinkedIn introduced a ‘My Company’ tab in 2020, initially for larger organizations but now for all companies. Could this meet your intranet needs?

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Digital Workplace

Does Your Digital Workplace Design Help Employees Get Work Done?

By asking yourself a few key questions, you'll quickly see if your digital workplace is helping or hurting the chances of people accomplishing their work.

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Digital Workplace

Why Field Research Matters for the Digital Workplace Today

With the current focus on products and features it’s easy to forget that solutions only work well when they work for employees.

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Employee Experience

Communications Provider Staffbase Acquires Valo Solutions

Finland-based Valo Solutions is a specialist in employee communications in Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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Digital Workplace

Who Should Contribute to Your Intranet?

When it comes to keeping intranet content up to date, some people view the task as a chore, while others welcome the work.

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Digital Workplace

Your Intranet Should Be a Little Bit Messy

Intranets can work really well when considered in isolation, but if the surrounding area has dozens of disconnected communication sites, it's time to reassess.

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Digital Workplace

The Key Challenges Facing Digital Workplace Leaders

App overload, shadow IT, streamlining collaboration and digital workplace governance are the areas where digital workplace leaders are focused.

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Digital Workplace

Global Intranets Aren't Just Big Versions of Normal Intranets

Global organizations need a clear global vs. local framework that puts shape around what sits where and how all the pieces fit together.

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Digital Workplace

The Biggest Problem With Intranet Design

Intranet managers need a simple, actionable model to design a better load-bearing structure for their digital workplace.

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Digital Workplace

Intranets Are Back, But Not How They Used to Be

Once considered a static digital bulletin board, intranets now have the potential to support vibrant communities which add to positive employee experiences.

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Employee Experience

Why Is the C-Suite Overlooking Digital Employee Experience as a Strategic Priority?

Companies that do not collect solid metrics on their DEX tools are twice as likely to have leaders who aren't interested or are even resistant to DEX projects.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Are You Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams?

A recent survey found 97% of companies have yet to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams capabilities. Here are four tips to make the most of the platform.