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Digital Workplace

Why Field Research Matters for the Digital Workplace Today

With the current focus on products and features it’s easy to forget that solutions only work well when they work for employees.

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Employee Experience

Communications Provider Staffbase Acquires Valo Solutions

Finland-based Valo Solutions is a specialist in employee communications in Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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Digital Workplace

Who Should Contribute to Your Intranet?

When it comes to keeping intranet content up to date, some people view the task as a chore, while others welcome the work.

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Digital Workplace

Your Intranet Should Be a Little Bit Messy

Intranets can work really well when considered in isolation, but if the surrounding area has dozens of disconnected communication sites, it's time to reassess.

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Digital Workplace

The Key Challenges Facing Digital Workplace Leaders

App overload, shadow IT, streamlining collaboration and digital workplace governance are the areas where digital workplace leaders are focused.

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Digital Workplace

Global Intranets Aren't Just Big Versions of Normal Intranets

Global organizations need a clear global vs. local framework that puts shape around what sits where and how all the pieces fit together.

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Digital Workplace

The Biggest Problem With Intranet Design

Intranet managers need a simple, actionable model to design a better load-bearing structure for their digital workplace.

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Digital Workplace

Intranets Are Back, But Not How They Used to Be

Once considered a static digital bulletin board, intranets now have the potential to support vibrant communities which add to positive employee experiences.

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Employee Experience

Why Is the C-Suite Overlooking Digital Employee Experience as a Strategic Priority?

Companies that do not collect solid metrics on their DEX tools are twice as likely to have leaders who aren't interested or are even resistant to DEX projects.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Are You Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Teams?

A recent survey found 97% of companies have yet to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams capabilities. Here are four tips to make the most of the platform.

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Digital Workplace

Who Should Own the Digital Workplace?

For a digital workplace to thrive, its focus needs to align with broader company objectives, not narrow departmental interests alone.

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Digital Workplace

Applying the Why, How and What Model to Your Intranet

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle is a generous framework. In this article, we look at three ways to apply it to intranet projects.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Viva Connections vs. SharePoint: A Primer

Should you boot your SharePoint intranet in favor of Viva Connections? Explore the ins and outs behind this decision.

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Digital Workplace

Advancing the Digital Maturity of Internal Communications

Internal communications has proved its worth during the pandemic, but its path forward is filled with complexity.

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Viva – Who Is It For?

It's worth asking why Microsoft wants a new umbrella term of Viva, rather than relying on the familiarity of the Microsoft 365 brand?

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Digital Workplace

Why Did We Stop Trying to Deliver Usable Intranets?

When did it cease to be a goal to deliver usable intranets?

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Digital Workplace

Can You Mass Produce a Great Intranet?

The number one objective of an intranet is to help users do their tasks. Unfortunately, many intranets fail to achieve that objective.

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Digital Workplace

Blagoja Golubovski: Leading Means Giving Direction, Not Directions

Simpplr's Blagoja Golubovski discusses leadership advice, modern intranets and employee experience in our latest DWX Leaders profile.

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Digital Workplace

Intranet Alternatives to SharePoint

An increasing number of companies are choosing to buy an independent intranet even though they already have SharePoint. Why is that?

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Employee Experience

Why Intranets Are Key to a Functioning Digital Workplace

Intranets roared back as millions of workers work from home. But today's digital workplace intranet is different than the less dynamic versions of before.