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Digital Workplace

Do We Still Need Intranet Teams?

In spite of all the progress on the technology side of things, widespread confusion remains around the role of intranet teams.

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Digital Workplace

Why Saving Time on Intranets Remains a Bad Metric

At a time of sudden labor shortages, productivity benefits are incredibly important. But let's be clear: saving time on the intranet isn't one of them.

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Digital Workplace

Why Field Research Matters for the Digital Workplace Today

With the current focus on products and features it’s easy to forget that solutions only work well when they work for employees.

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Digital Workplace

Global Intranets Aren't Just Big Versions of Normal Intranets

Global organizations need a clear global vs. local framework that puts shape around what sits where and how all the pieces fit together.

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Employee Experience

A Strategic Framework for Digital Employee Experience

With the digital employee experience framework, organizations can gain a complete picture of how to shape and sustain great digital employee experiences.

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Employee Experience

What Is the State of Digital Employee Experience in 2021?

A recent survey found digital employee experience (DEX) greatly improved as a result of the pandemic. But unfortunately it isn't all good news.

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Digital Workplace

Advancing the Digital Maturity of Internal Communications

Internal communications has proved its worth during the pandemic, but its path forward is filled with complexity.

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Digital Workplace

How We Can Shape the Evolution of the Hybrid Workplace

Digital workplace practitioners have an important opportunity to shape how the hybrid workplace evolves.

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Digital Workplace

Has Microsoft 365 Been Clinically Tested?

With new features coming straight out of Microsoft Labs into production I have a question: have they been clinically tested in workplaces?

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Digital Workplace

Why Did We Stop Trying to Deliver Usable Intranets?

When did it cease to be a goal to deliver usable intranets?

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Digital Workplace

Ensuring Internal Communications Are Heard in an Increasingly Complex Landscape

The growing complexity of the digital landscape has left many comms teams in a state of analysis paralysis when facing these challenges.

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Employee Experience

Remember, Disruption Isn't Just About White-Collar Workers

Every digital workplace project should conduct meaningful field research, spending time one-on-one with staff that encompass the full spread of job roles.

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Employee Experience

Can You Improve Digital Employee Experience on a Tight Budget?

DEX is rising in prominence, but most teams are struggling under tight budget and resource constraints — but that doesn't mean progress must stop.


Digital Workplace

Beware the Lasting Impact of a Microsoft 365 Non-Decision

When no formal decision-making happens around the move to Microsoft 365, problems can — and will — arise.

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Employee Experience

A 5-Point Digital Employee Experience Manifesto

Getting DEX right requires both a strategic vision and a set of practical methodologies to create better experiences for all employees.

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Employee Experience

Does Your Digital Employee Experience Strategy Actually Look at the Experience?

Some digital employee experience strategies miss the mark in the most fundamental way: they don’t consider experience.

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Information Management

Office 365 Governance Isn’t About Saying 'No'

Governance as a blocker isn’t going to work when it comes to Office 365. Instead, firms should ride the wave, and put in place three key governance elements.

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Information Management

A Simple Matrix for Managing Office 365

A simple model IT and the business can use to decide what to enable in Office 365, where to focus management efforts and more.