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Employee Experience

Reinventing Work: How Your Hybrid Workplace Can Deliver on CX and EX

The transition to a hybrid work model is not a tactical, one-and-done exercise. It is a long-term transformational change in the way work is structured.

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Digital Workplace

5 Principles to Guide Decision-Making When Building a Hybrid Workplace

The actions we take during the coming weeks and months will be the stepping stones toward the future hybrid workplace.

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Digital Workplace

Refining Your Attention Amid a World of Distractions

Attention, like oil, is a finite commodity. This means we must be purposeful about how we direct it.

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Employee Experience

Employee Experience, The EX-Factor for Competitive Advantage

Resetting norms and expectations around employee experience will be critical during post-pandemic recovery.

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Collaboration & Productivity

A Prescription for Productivity During Challenging Times

Leaders need to focus on the big picture: the managers who influence teams, smart technology investments, and improving processes that are slowing you down.