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Employee Experience

How to Not Conduct Layoffs: Meta vs. Twitter

Meta and Twitter are just two extreme cases of what's happening across the tech industry (and beyond). HR leaders should take notes.

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Talent Management

Have You Considered These Alternatives to Layoffs?

What can businesses do instead of layoffs? These experts in HR, compensation and business strategy have a few ideas.

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Simplicity Sprint or Simple Stunt? What Leaders Can Learn From Google

Google's Simplicity Sprint sounds good, but launching an efficiencies initiative at a time of economic duress seems like announcing layoffs under another name.

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Talent Management

CEOs: Should You Be Publicly Weighing-in on Layoffs?

A CEO's voice can be a tremendous asset as well as a liability. In the case of public layoff announcements, which is it?

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Digital Workplace

Bracing for a Recession: Lessons Learned From the Pandemic

Looking back at the pandemic and past recessions may help business leaders better prepare to face a potential recession ahead.

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Talent Management

Why Organizations Need to Be Transparent About Layoffs

The remote work face-off may lead some employers to use failure to return to the office as an excuse for mass layoffs. Here's why they shouldn't.

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Talent Management

The Right Way to Offboard an Employee

Offboarding an employee is not easy, especially in a remote or hybrid workplace. How can companies do it right and ensure an amicable split?

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We Can’t Keep Blaming Technology for a Lack of Leadership Empathy

Better CEO's move to fire 900 employees over Zoom blew up due to a sheer lack of empathy. Here are some lessons learned.