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Learning & Development

Successful Learning Programs Are Designed to Surprise

Shake off pandemic routines with an element of surprise. Your brain will thank you, and it will boost learning and help you build stronger teams.

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Leaders as Sponsors: It's About Them, Not You

Despite the disruption to business as usual, now is the time to build leadership capability. Sponsorship is a low cost, high impact way to do just that.

The Digital Labs team in the Information Services Department at Navy Federal Credit Union work together on a project.

Employee Experience

Navy Federal: How the Largest US Credit Union Keeps Employee Experience Shipshape

Career mobility, manager involvement in employee development, and willingness to listen and enact changes makes for smooth sailing at Navy Federal.

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What Is Transformational Leadership Theory?

Transformational leaders question the status quo and inspire others to action. Here's how companies can instill it into their C-suite.