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Employee Experience

Definitive Proof That Employee Experience ROI Is Getting Closer

Recent research shows there’s no reason to hold back on investment in employee experience. It's not just good for employees. It's good for business, too.

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Digital Workplace

What Happens When Your Digital Toolbox Becomes Infrastructure?

The complex set of tools that got us through the last two years of remote work is evolving into a digital workplace infrastructure. What does this mean for ROI?

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Information Management

Making a Business Case for Enterprise Search

There are plenty of suggestions on how to make a business case for enterprise search. Most of them fall short of the mark.

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Information Management

Where Is the ROI in Artificial Intelligence Deployments?

Businesses are turning to AI for a competitive edge. However, AI is expensive, requires considerable investment and ROI is not guaranteed.

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Learning & Development

Is ROI a ‘Dead Metric’ for Learning & Development?

No learning and development practitioner would turn away a chance to share a strong ROI number, but ROI isn't the best performance metric. Here is why.