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wooden blocks pushed together to create a picture of a white lock. One block says data security - workplace data security concept

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Zero Trust — A Security Mindset

In a world disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are focusing on cybersecurity to protect their data while giving employees the necessary access.

Security breach warning on smartphone screen while using public wifi hotspot, device infected by internet virus or malware after cyberattack

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Cyberattacks Are Increasing — Here's How To Stay Safe

Cyberattacks have been a fact of life and are only increasing in number and severity during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do employers respond to these attacks?

An overhead view of a businessman sitting on a wood floor using a laptop, with papers spread around him. A cat sleeps next to him.

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Rethinking Security Strategies for Today's Distributed Workforce

A solid security strategy has always been essential; however, its necessity has taken on new urgency thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A businessman looking through binoculars for security threats with a technology concept background

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Reviewing the Security Strategy in the New Normal: What To Watch For

Now that the initial uncertainty that COVID brought with it has past, it's time for IT to reexamine their security strategies for these new environments.

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Leveraging Network Agility As Demand Shifts Into an Uncertain Normal

Network connectivity is increasingly becoming a concern as employees shift their online patterns. Having network agility can help ensure access.

A man adjusting his tie in a mirror - new hire

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Preparing Employees for Day-One Readiness

Even amidst all the disruption, the goals of hiring haven’t changed much; companies still want employees to be ready and able to contribute on day one.

A businessman using a laptop, sitting at a desk while working from his home office.

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Centralized Computing Power in a Decentralized Work Environment

The new normal of employees working from home has forced IT departments to reassess how dispersed employees can still access key documents and programs.

White puffy like cloud stretching to foggy horizon in the bright morning

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Cloud Elasticity: Continuous Access to the Resources You Need

Workers transitioning from being in an office to working from home is causing many companies to take a hard look at the digital tools they use.

A businesswoman working remotely getting technical support over the phone.

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Delivering Exceptional IT Service When the Office Isn't the Office

With the majority of office workers working remotely, a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing, IT departments need new ways to support employees.

An empty office space sitting idle.

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Jump-Starting Return to the Office Plans

As companies start to discuss what a return to the office might look like, some are beginning to craft strategy with both workers and the business in mind.

A businessman walking through a complicated maze opened up by a pencil eraser - optimization concept

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Opportunities to Optimize the Employee Experience

Employers and workers face a host of challenges with remote work, however, the benefits of remote work are very quantifiable.

A businesswoman feeding her child is making a phone call at her work desk

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Supporting Employees as They Attempt to Maintain Work/Life Balance During a Pandemic

The sudden shutdown of much of America’s downtown business transitioned workers into remote work almost overnight and upended the work/life balances of many.