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Digital Workplace

How Digital Workplace Governance Supports Agility

An interesting, and slightly counterintuitive approach to ensuring a digital workplace supports agility is to establish appropriate levels of governance.


Collaboration & Productivity

Back Channel Conversations During Online Meetings: Friend or Foe?

Hands up if you’ve ever been in a Zoom meeting and secretly been messaging somebody else in the meeting at the same time.

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Digital Workplace

The Pandemic Popped These Closely Held Digital Workplace Beliefs

The pandemic has challenged expectations about people's ability to work remotely and confounded expectations around people's ability to change.

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Collaboration & Productivity

You Rolled Out Your Remote Workplace in Record Time. Now Let's Talk Governance

If you've successfully achieved some state of business continuity, well done. Now's the time to introduce governance.

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Learning & Development

Digital Literacy Initiatives Must Evolve With the Workplace: 4 Potential Directions

As digital workplaces and tools become more complex, digital literacy initiatives may start to resemble the type of training previously aimed at super-users.