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Top 10 Employee Experience Articles of 2020

December 29, 2020 Employee Experience
Mike Prokopeak
By Mike Prokopeak

Work looks a lot different for those who were lucky enough to keep their job in 2020. They waved goodbye to office mates and hello to the family pet, exchanged hour-long meetings in the conference room for quick catch-ups on Zoom.

Work broke out of the confines of the office, and in the process created new challenges for employers.

But in every challenge lies an opportunity. And so it is with employee experience. The new reality of work is forcing employers to re-examine their employees’ experience of work and make fundamental changes for 2021.

Here are 10 employee experience articles from 2020 to help shape your thinking:

1. How the CIO and CHRO Will Rethink Employee Experience Together

The workforce needs something better than the hastily assembled remote work toolkit and practices they’ve been given. That's simply not adequate for what will ultimately prove to be a renaissance in the way we structure work. Organizations must now adapt to a new hybrid work regime that blends the old and the new into an effective model. CIOs and CHROs can lead the way, writes industry analyst Dion Hinchcliffe.

2. Great Design Drives the Digital Employee Experience

Good design is critical to a sustainable, well-adopted and impactful digital workplace, writes Dan Hawtrey. While the rise of out-of-the-box intranet and digital workplace products changes the equation, it doesn't lessen the quality your interfaces play in long-term success.

3. Will We Ever Go Back to the Office Again?

The rise in remote working will have a significant impact on the future of work. The longer the pandemic goes on, the more comfortable workers and employers get with working from home. This will make it even harder for companies to get workers back into the office. Get ready for the rebirth of “home shoring,” writes Frank Palermo.

4. How Workplace Managers Can Help Prevent Employee Burnout

While long commutes to the office are still on hold, many workers are spending a lot more time in work-related apps and communication services outside of work hours. While there are advantages to remote working, for many the stresses are adding up and impacting productivity. David Roe has the download.

5. Five Reasons to Invest in Employee Experience

Writer Scott Clark offers up actionable insights into what it takes to make the employee journey a positive, fulfilling experience. The end result isn't just a satisfied employee. It's a business that will be successful in attracting and retaining top talent.

6. Riding the Employee Engagement Rollercoaster

Observers can be excused if they felt queasy watching the ups and downs of workplace employee sentiment in 2020. But despite the volatility, the ways to boost engagement remain largely the same: Communicate clearly, ask what you can do to help and ensure workers have what they need to get the job done. And do it fast.

7. How Remote Work Will Impact the Management of Employee Experience

Work is no longer somewhere you go but something you do — from anywhere. Some workers will prefer direct interaction with their team members from the same location. But the advent of the anytime, anywhere workplace of the future will replace the traditional, pre-COVID office. The role of employee experience manager will be central.

8. Employee Experience, the EX-Factor for Competitive Advantage

Happy and fulfilled employees strengthen a company's brand and play a key role in delivering the customer experiences they so carefully craft. Conversely, disengaged and unhappy employees drag down morale, productivity, and the bottom line. Resetting norms and expectations around employee experience will be critical to post-pandemic recovery.

9. Ten Ways to Create Positive Employee Experiences For Remote Workers

Success in navigating this transition depends on developing an employee experience that enables remote working. So, what kind of employee experience will enable enterprises to build strategies that support the different variations of remote working? Reworked contributor David Roe breaks down 10 key actions.

10. Get Reworked Podcast: Dion Hinchcliffe on Why Remote First is the Future of Employee Experience

We’re at a unique point in human history, says Dion Hinchcliffe of Constellation Research. In this episode of our new Get Reworked podcast, Dion breaks down the state of employee experience and shares why failure to transform in 2021 will lead to certain collapse. His argument: Remote first should be the default mode of business going forward.

Plus a bonus case study:

11. How Navy Federal Credit Union Builds a Better Employee Experience

With a focus on career mobility, manager involvement in employee development, and a willingness to listen to the voice of employees, the world’s largest credit union is keeping the wind in the sails of its employee experience despite the challenges presented by 2020.


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