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Sinequa Introduces Cloud-Native Enterprise Search Platform

April 01, 2022 Information Management
Gabrielle Rodgers
By Gabrielle Rodgers LinkedIn

Enterprise search provider Sinequa has unveiled the Search Cloud, a new name and brand for its cloud-native search platform. 

The enterprise search category includes the tools and technologies that companies use to make content and information from enterprise-wide databases and intranets more easily searchable for employees. Officials from Paris-based Sinequa said the Search Cloud will make it possible for organizations of all sizes to deploy search apps to their employees supported with relevance capabilities and on-premises and cloud flexibility.

"Customers employ the Search Cloud to connect all content — both text and data — derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context," Alexandre Bilger, CEO of Sinequa, told Reworked. "This solves content chaos and informs employees through a single, secure interface. They get the knowledge, expertise and insights needed to make informed decisions and do more, faster."

Making Enterprise Content Available With Search

In November 2021, Sinequa announced the release of Sinequa's Search Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure, the Redmond, Wash.-based software maker's cloud computing platform. This product uses Azure cognitive services to capitalize on the information held in all of an enterprise's repositories, Bilger said, allowing workers to get exact insights through natural language searches. 

Search Cloud Platform is designed for large enterprises, and allows them to build multiple custom insight apps and deploy either on premises or in the cloud via Microsoft Azure.

As part of the Search Cloud announcement, Sinequa is also debuting Workplace Search, a lighter-weight SaaS search application designed for mid-sized companies that don't need to build many custom applications. Workplace Search eliminates the endless hours employees spend searching across many systems to find what they need to put enterprise content to work, according to Bilger.

Workplace Search is provided as a single application as a subscription and is now accessible to a limited number of clients on a trial basis. 

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What's Next for Search Cloud?

Sinequa is also working on Neural Search, an AI-based model that uses natural language processing to answer employees' search queries. Bilger said Sinequa's Neural Search combines four specifically trained models that grasp the meaning of language and operate in unison to provide the most relevant results for each query.

Neural Search provides search results for a variety of queries, allows for question-answering without the need for Q/A pairings, and understands context to thrive in many situations where statistical search approaches fail, Bilger told Reworked. Neural Search will be available to Sinequa clients in the "coming months."

"Cloud native technologies are the best way for organizations to accelerate their digital transformations, foster innovation and bring greater efficiency to their organization," Bilger said in the press release statement announcing the news.


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