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Digital Workplace

Intranets Still Play an Important Role in the Digital Workplace

Despite the proliferation of communications tools in the workplace, the role of the enterprise intranet remains secure.

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Cultivating Middle Managers as Change Agents

Managers are too often a hidden asset in helping making important changes happen in an organization. Here's how to effectively involve them.

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Why Organizations Should Focus on Agile Rather Than Matrixed Teams

Matrixed teams can support organizations with limited resources, but they're hard to manage. Agile teams offer a better alternative.

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Don't Let Middle Managers Block Agile Transformation

Pivoting middle managers so they help solve problems rather than creating more problems requires agile change programs to rethink incentives.

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Employee Experience

Should HR Be Employee-Driven or Product-Driven?

Is it time for people-focused HR to pivot to a product-centric approach? It seems counterintuitive but it's right on target for better employee experiences.

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Information Management

How XOps Is Hoping to Unite All the Disparate Ops Disciplines Under One Banner

A new kind of Ops infrastructure is emerging and XOps hopes to tame the chaos. The goal of XOps, to help unite all the different disciplines under one umbrella.

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Digital Workplace

Low Code Finds Its Place in the Digital Workplace

COVID-19 introduced many changes in the digital workplace. One of those changes is the growing use of low-code and no-code platforms. Here's why.

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Agile Manifesto: 20 Years on and Agile Remains Elusive

It is 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was signed. However, agile as a software or business practice still remains elusive. Here's why.

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Digital Workplace

What Agile Teams Bring to the Digital Workplace

Agile teams have become increasingly popular since the rush to remote work last year. In fact, they are a core element of the digital workplace. Here's why.

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Being Agile in a Non-Agile World

Working in a high-performing agile team is a blessing and a curse.

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Leaders, Here's How to Take Charge of Your Days

For many leaders the 2020 pairing of working from home and nonstop crises has destroyed our ability to manage our working days.

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HR Struggles With Agile Principles for Good Reason

Rather than look at it as a shortcut to a faster, more innovative function, HR leaders should look at agile as a larger exercise in transformation.

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Collaboration & Productivity

3 Agile Practices That Knowledge Workers Need in Their Lives

Modern knowledge workers face an unending stream of to-dos. Here's how they can start taming the to-do beast.

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Digital Workplace

What People Operations Can Learn From Product Development

Working more like product developers can increase the impact of People Operations teams and their ability to react quickly and effectively to teams’ needs.

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When Organizational Change Is Not an Option: Lessons Learned

One thing to be aware of: there is only so much change an organization can handle at once.

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Digital Workplace

The 3 Fundamental Pillars of Organizational Agility

Speed and flexibility have become key differentiators. How quickly your organization adapts and grows will have a positive correlation on success and stability.

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Knowledge & Findability

The State of Knowledge Management in 2020

The field of Knowledge Management (KM) is constantly changing, and adding to its arsenal of tools, technologies and objectives. Here is where we're at.

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10 Ways to Create a Culture of Agile Innovation

Agile is all the rage but if your organization isn't ready culturally it may be doomed to fail. Here are ways to encourage the right kind of culture.