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Collaboration & Productivity

Why Technology Can Still Create Obstacles to Remote Working

While many organizations have turned to tech to help them manage the sudden rise in people working from home, technology can create problems too. Here’s why.

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Employee Experience

HR-IT Collaboration Is the Ticket to a Positive Employee Experience

Working together isn't just an option. It's a necessity for a successful employee experience program. Here are tips on how to make it work.

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Is Remote Work Good or Bad for the Environment?

Remote work sounds great, but is it sustainable and/or good for the environment?

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Collaboration & Productivity

How COVID-19 Is Impacting the Digital Workplace Tool Landscape

Four months into the work from home shift due to COVID-19, we asked analysts and vendors how things are trending. Here's what they had to say.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Is Microsoft's Fluid Framework Set to Shake up the Content Collaboration Market

Recently Microsoft open sourced the Fluid Framework and pushed it into targeted release. Is it poised to shake up the content collaboration market?

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Collaboration & Productivity

Why Legacy Systems May Force You to Upgrade Your Collaboration Tools

Today's workplace collaboration require adaptable, agile systems that work across a spectrum of devices. So what does this mean for legacy systems?

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Collaboration & Productivity

3 Tips for Distributed Team Collaboration

We’ve asked team leaders why global teams are a growing trend, how to collaborate across timezones, and how to measure the success of distributed teams.

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Collaboration & Productivity

What Enterprises Need to Look for in Unified Communications Offerings

In a world were UC is becoming increasingly important, enterprise IT buyers need to ensure they are getting the tools that are right for their business.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Why Flexible Working Will Be the ‘New Normal’

In the future work model, 100% remote working will not be an option for most, but a combination of working from home and in the office will likely emerge.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Get the BPM Process Started

Are you looking at business process management (BPM) to be more agile and improve organizational efficiency? Here is how to get your plans off the ground.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How Automation Can Future-Proof Enterprises Against Major Disruption

While COVID-19 has seen many workers sent home, for many organizations it is the catalyst for automating enterprise processes. Here’s how.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Why The Future of the Workplace Is Remote

Many of the nation's workers who have been forced to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic may find themselves permanently working from home.

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Knowledge & Findability

Knowledge Management Remains a Great Challenge for Many Organizations

How can an organization's teams successfully manage knowledge through a crisis and beyond? One organization shares its strategies.

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What's at the Core of a Successful Digital Workplace?

In this article, we'll explore the current state of the digital workplace, tell you how you can improve your own workplace, and why it’s vital that you do so.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Getting Collaboration With a Distributed Team Right

If you are like most organizations, you have teams working remotely. Is your organization ready though? Here's how to keep them engaged and collaborating.

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Information Management

The State of Document Management in the Workplace

Many enterprises are finding that to operate successfully they either need a new document management system or must upgrade legacy technology. Here’s why.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The True Value of Enterprise Collaboration Tools and Platforms

Recent data from Facebook indicates that businesses need to invest in enterprise tools and platforms to find true value.

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Collaboration & Productivity

7 Ways to Measure Workplace Collaboration and Productivity Tool Efficacy

Many organizations have implemented tools to enable better collaboration and improved productivity. But how do you measure the efficacy of those tools.