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Why Returning to the Office Is a Mistake (and 2 Reasons to Go Back Anyway)

Culture and productivity top the list of reasons why companies are mandating a return to the office. Remote work proponents disagree. They're both right.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Visier Acquires Collaboration Analytics Specialist Yva.ai

The Vancouver, B.C.-based people analytics firm wants a deeper look at employee wellbeing and productivity.

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Take a Teams-Based Approach to the Hybrid Workplace

Should hybrid companies bring employees in on the same day, or should they have the flexibility to choose?

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Why Asynchronous Videos Are Better Than Video Meetings

In the digital workplace, asynchronous video can be a way to avoid the challenges of organizing and executing video meetings.

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The Critical Role Technology Plays in Company Culture

Technology is more than a tool. It plays an indispensable role in supporting and strengthening company culture in remote and hybrid organizations.

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Otter.ai Wants to Be in the Room Where Hybrid Meetings Happen

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company announced product updates that allow users to automatically generate meeting transcripts and assign action items.

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The Future of Video in the Virtual Collaboration Market

Despite workers returning to the office, the future is still bright for video conferencing. But it will require a comprehensive look at virtual collaboration.

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4 Tips for Successful Cross-Company Collaboration

Collaboration efforts across departments and organizations fail without the right tools and mindset. Here are four ways to make it work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

4 Ways to Prevent and Overcome the Zoom Ceiling

Out of sight can mean out of mind when it comes to the remote workforce. Here's how managers can break through the bias inherent in remote and hybrid work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Balancing Collaboration With Individual Performance

Striking a balance between collaborating and individual output is essential to avoid the negative effects of collaboration overload and maintain productivity.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Here's What Happened in My First Meeting in the Metaverse

Companies have to do something about soul-killing video meetings, and technologies like the metaverse offer possibilities that make even this skeptic excited.

Get Reworked Podcast Episode 30 Guest Jennifer Kahnweiler


Get Reworked Podcast: The Superpowers That Introverts Bring to the Workplace

Introverts have just the right qualities to help organizations navigate an increasingly noisy and fast-paced environment, says author Jennifer Kahnweiler.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Does Your Company Have Proximity Bias?

Proximity bias can be deadly to a healthy hybrid workplace. To avoid negative effects, leaders should identify risks early on and adapt how teams work together.

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Slack Unveils New Features in Latest Product Update

The collaboration platform debuted an upgrade to Slack Connect and in-demand user features. Plus, new security and workflow builder tools are coming soon.

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Collaboration & Productivity

4 Strategies to Handle Dissent in the Digital Workplace

Remote and hybrid work makes it more challenging, but digital workplace leaders need ways to defuse situations before they have a negative effect on operations.

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Observable Raises $35.6 Million Series B Funding Round for Data Collaboration

Observable, a data collaboration company, has raised a $35.6 million Series B funding round.

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Workplace from Meta to Launch WhatsApp Integration to Support Frontline Workers

Workplace from Meta, formerly known as Workplace from Facebook, has announced an integration with WhatsApp to support frontline workers.

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2022 Tech Landscape: Trending Tools for the Digital Workplace

Collaboration, automation and AI are just a few of the trends expected to have the greatest impact on digital workplace investment in 2022.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration Platform Miro Raises $400 Million Funding Round

The Series C funding values the software company at $17.5 billion and shows the growing strength of online collaboration tools in remote and hybrid work.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Why Enterprises Won't Ditch Collaboration Platforms Anytime Soon

Collaboration platforms have become key enterprise technologies for hybrid and remote work. Here's why they're poised for continued growth.