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A screenshot from the Digital Workplace Experience virtual conference presentation of Wells Fargo Digital Workplace VP Christy Punch.

Digital Workplace

Six Takeaways from Digital Workplace Experience 2020

The digital workplace made impressive strides this year. That and more highlights from the virtual Digital Workplace Experience 2020 conference.

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Employee Experience

What Can Gamification Bring to the Enterprise?

Applying gaming to learning and engagement programs improves collaboration, builds loyalty and improves the employee and customer experience.

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Digital Workplace

The Forces Shaping the Digital Workplace

Innovative technologies, changing organizational structures and new ways to improve employee experience are accelerating the pace of change.

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Digital Experience

Empathy Is the Intersection Between User, Customer and Employee Experience

Practicing empathy brings together design thinking, user experience, customer experience and employee experience for a better journey.

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What Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like in 2020

Corporations will be known for years by the way they respond to COVID-19 and protests following the death of George Floyd. CSR provides a roadmap for change.

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Employee Experience

Why Employee Experience Is the New Customer Experience

Happy and engaged employees create better experiences, which leads to more satisfied customers. Maybe it's time to blur the lines between the two?

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Employee Experience

How VW and Others Are Connecting Customer and Employee Experience

Catching up with Volkswagen Group Australia and others about the connection between employee and customer experience.