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Aternity Journey Intelligence Product Brings EX and CX Together

November 03, 2021 Employee Experience
Ben Schwartz
By Ben Schwartz LinkedIn

Digital experience management company Aternity is tying employee experience and customer experience closer together.

In an announcement last week, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company said its new Aternity User Journey Intelligence solution will provide "contextualized visibility and actionable insights" into user journeys across web environments that will enable organizations to improve user satisfaction, drive revenue and improve customer and employee digital experiences.

According to Aternity, User Journey Intelligence provides a view of a company’s customer and employee digital experience and correlates user journey analytics with performance data from transactions across all environments. This will allow companies to optimize web page performance and reduce incident resolution times. Capabilities include:

  • Analytics: Track user digital experience and associate it with revenue, conversion rate and abandonment rate.
  • Performance Diagnostics: Optimize web page performance with real user monitoring (RUM).
  • Issue Identification: Synthetic monitoring to identify problems before customers do.
  • Reduced Incident Resolution Times: Embedded observability for AI-powered root cause analysis.

Aternity also said it's added OpenTelemetry support on the company’s platform, which it hopes will help customers deliver a seamless digital experience for every application delivered over multi-cloud or multi-app environments. Companies can capture and store every transaction related to a user's business activity and associate it with an underlying microservices architecture.

“Aternity User Intelligence provides Aternity customers with the unique ability to manage the digital experience of both employees and customers in a single platform without compromise,” said P.J. Malloy, Aternity’s chief technology officer, in a press release statement. “By incorporating synthetic transaction monitoring, real user monitoring, and OpenTelemetry, Aternity is changing the way enterprises can approach digital experience management by unifying the digital experience.”

Founded in 2004, Aternity is a division of San Francisco-based Riverbed Technology, Inc, an information technology company that provides software and hardware for network performance monitoring and application performance management.


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