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A screenshot from the Digital Workplace Experience virtual conference presentation of Wells Fargo Digital Workplace VP Christy Punch.

Digital Workplace

Six Takeaways from Digital Workplace Experience 2020

The digital workplace made impressive strides this year. That and more highlights from the virtual Digital Workplace Experience 2020 conference.

Sinequa's Scott Parker, one of our DWX Leaders profiles

Digital Workplace

Scott Parker: Capturing the Signals in the Noise of the Digital Workplace

Scott Parker of Sinequa discusses the relationship between employee experience and CX and how AI can help employees cut through information overload.

Sameer Chowdhri of Workplace from Facebook

Digital Workplace

Sameer Chowdhri: Focus on the Learning Culture in Your Digital Workplace

Sameer Chowdhri of Workplace from Facebook discusses the ideal vs. the real digital workplace experience and the need to build and maintain a learning culture.

many many tools laid out  on the ground in geometric design

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Matthew Banks: Employees Don't Want More Tools, They Want Better Ones

Matthew Banks of Beezy discusses authenticity, measuring digital workplace success and the importance of reducing friction.

do something great

Digital Workplace

Roger Noia: Make Work Better Through Digital Workplace Experiences

Roger Noia of SAP discusses obstacles organizations face in implementing a truly digital workplace, the role of automation and the impact of culture on DWX.

Troy Compano of Workgrid for DWX leaders 2020

Employee Experience

Troy Campano: 'Put the Employee at the Center of Everything You Do'

Troy Campano, head of product at Workgrid, discusses the need to keep employee experience front and center in our latest DWX leader interview.

Alex Kantrowitz, author of "Always Day One"


Alex Kantrowitz: Create a Culture of Constant Reinvention

In the latest digital workplace leaders interview, Alex Kantrowitz discusses what businesses can learn from the titans of the technology world.