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Rob Ryan: Why Overcoming Digital Friction Is Key to a Successful Hybrid Workplace

Workgrid's Rob Ryan discusses the rise of digital friction, the pros and cons of remote work and more in this DWX Leaders interview.

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Laura Klieves: Evolve Your Digital Workplace, Keep Your Company Culture

Laura Klieves discusses the tech needs the pandemic surfaced, the challenges of hybrid work and how to keep connected even when working remotely.

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Leon Papkoff: From Desks to Daycare, Employees Expect a Reservable Workplace

Leon Papkoff discusses return to office trends, tips for navigating the transition and the concept of a reservable workplace in this latest DWX interview.

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Hemant Sahani: Use Data for Competitive Advantage in the Employee Experience

VMWare's Hemant Sahani discusses measuring the employee experience, creating a remote-first workplace and more in this DWX Leaders interview.

SocialChorus's Jed Brown: "The most innovative products for me are the ones that over time feel expected and almost mundane — you can’t imagine life or work without them"

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Jed Brown: Innovation at Work and What Makes an Intelligent Workplace

SocialChorus's Jed Brown discusses business and individual resilience, defines the intelligent workplace and more in this DWX Leaders interview.

Luxer One's Josh Middlebrooks: "The people that are going to survive and build environments that people flock to are the people who will figure out how to decentralize the workplace"

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Josh Middlebrooks: Tools to Solve the Engagement Problem

Luxer One's President Josh Middlebrooks discusses how to create and build connections in a remote and hybrid workplace in this DWX Leaders interview.

Nexthink's Meg Donovan: "At the end of the day, HR and IT want the same things .... We just look at it through different lenses and have different ways of approaching the same outcome

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Meg Donovan: A Sneak Peek at Digital Well-Being

Nexthink's CPO Meg Donovan discusses the importance of an integrated IT and HR strategy, their common challenges and more in this DWX leader interview.

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Brendan O’Neil: Hybrid Workplace Success Starts With Employee Empowerment

Robin's Brendan O'Neil discusses hybrid workplace trends, designing the workspace employees need and return to office trends in this DW Leader interview.

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Tim Christensen: Technology Should Be Accessible to All Workers

SocialChorus's Tim Christensen discusses supporting all employees' tech needs and why CEOs should care about improving the employee experience. .

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Gregg Apirian: The One Thing That Drives Exceptional Employee Experiences

Korbyt's Gregg Apirian discusses how organizations can improve communications, as well as the importance of helping employees build their personal brand.

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Tatyana Mamut: Support Employees With the Right Messaging and Process

Pendo's Tatyana Mamut discusses the relationship between IT and HR, the skills that drive innovation and more in this DWX leaders interview.

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Tim Flower: Digital Employee Experience Insights and Forecast

Nexthink's Tim Flower shares results of a new digital employee experience salary survey and implications for businesses in a digital workplace leader interview.

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Michael Jose: Provide Employees With a Single Source of Truth

Michael Jose, VP of IT at Talend, shares why Talend introduced its intranet, the success it saw as a result and more in this DWX Leader interview.

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Rob Ryan: Want Great Employee Experiences? Take a Walk in Their Shoes

Workgrid's Rob Ryan shares the big opportunities he sees in employee experience, taking an employee-centric approach to digital workplace design and more.

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Sonia Fiorenza: Employees Want Better Company Communications

SocialChorus's Sonia Fiorenza discusses communications challenges and future in our latest Digital Workplace Leaders interview.

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Priyank Desai: Technology That Puts Employees First

VMWare's Priyank Desai on the three pillars of technology valuation, IT's role in employee experience and more in our latest DWX Leaders interview.

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Helen Kupp: ‘Once-in-a-Millennium Opportunity’ to Try Something Different

The Future Forum's Helen Kupp discusses the opportunities we now have to experiment with how we work rather than falling back into old routines.

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David Paul: The Yield of User Enablement

TRC's David Paul shares where he sees IT focusing in the future, moving to a proactive IT stance and why it all comes down to problem solving.

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John Drummond: Lean In and Embrace Change

VMWare's John Drummond discusses transforming the workplace to a hub of collaboration, measuring employee experience and more in this DWX Leaders profile.

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Juanita Olguin: Connecting the Dots of the Digital Workplace

Coveo's Juanita Olguin discusses communications in the 2021 workplace, taking a holistic view of employee experience and more in this DWX leaders profile.