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Sonia Fiorenza: Employees Want Better Company Communications

SocialChorus's Sonia Fiorenza discusses communications challenges and future in our latest Digital Workplace Leaders interview.

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Priyank Desai: Technology That Puts Employees First

VMWare's Priyank Desai on the three pillars of technology valuation, IT's role in employee experience and more in our latest DWX Leaders interview.

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Helen Kupp: ‘Once-in-a-Millennium Opportunity’ to Try Something Different

The Future Forum's Helen Kupp discusses the opportunities we now have to experiment with how we work rather than falling back into old routines.

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David Paul: The Yield of User Enablement

TRC's David Paul shares where he sees IT focusing in the future, moving to a proactive IT stance and why it all comes down to problem solving.

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John Drummond: Lean In and Embrace Change

VMWare's John Drummond discusses transforming the workplace to a hub of collaboration, measuring employee experience and more in this DWX Leaders profile.

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Juanita Olguin: Connecting the Dots of the Digital Workplace

Coveo's Juanita Olguin discusses communications in the 2021 workplace, taking a holistic view of employee experience and more in this DWX leaders profile.

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Tim Flower: Why Employee Experience Is Key to IT and Business Success

Tim Flower has some advice for IT leaders managing the digital workplace in our latest DWX Leaders interview: Watch out for “in your ear.”

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Blagoja Golubovski: Leading Means Giving Direction, Not Directions

Simpplr's Blagoja Golubovski discusses leadership advice, modern intranets and employee experience in our latest DWX Leaders profile.

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Nicole Alvino: Give Workers What They Need, Then Give Them a Voice

In our first DWX profile of 2021, SocialChorus's Nicole Alvino shares lessons learned from 2020 and what it takes to help employees thrive.