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Employee Experience

3 Ways Gen Z Can Help Our Core Values Evolve

To attract and retain top talent, organizations need to recalibrate their values to align with those of Gen Z.

Christina Maslach, professor of psychology emerita, University of California Berkeley, Guest 42 on Get Reworked

Employee Experience

Get Reworked Podcast: What Organizations Can Do About Burnout

Christina Maslach discusses why burnout isn't an individual flaw, but a management issue which requires a collective response.

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Digital Workplace

Is Responsible Employee Surveillance Possible?

When does responsible employee monitoring cross the line into unwelcome surveillance?

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Talent Management

How to Win and Retain Developer Talent

Studies show burnout is on the rise among developers, and a majority are seeking new roles. Some tips to help change that narrative.

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Employee Experience

Using Wellness Initiatives to Boost Retention

The rise in turnover has put pressure on HR departments to rethink their employee engagement and retention efforts. Can a wellness tool be the solution?