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Intelligent Process Automation Pushes the Boundaries of Business Process Automation

Intelligent process automation is different from the workflow automation of the early 2000s in several key areas. Learn more about what sets IPA apart from RPA.

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Digital Workplace

Building a Sustainable Future on the Backbone of Technology

At a time when multiple major issues vie for our attention, where should technologists focus? I identify five areas for the year ahead.

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A Hybrid Workplace Plan That Includes Every Employee

Hybrid workplaces come with their own unique challenges. Asking the right questions in the planning stage can set employers and employees up for success.

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The Eminence Conundrum

For many reasons, women tend to be more hesitant to put themselves forward and attain professional eminence and recognition. How can we change this?

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Information Management

The Long-Term Impacts of Ongoing Technical Debt

Technical debt's repercussions can reverberate throughout a business, creating long-term issues. And let's be clear: we're not just talking about code here.

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Information Management

Balancing the Opportunities and Risks of Machine Learning

Machine learning-based systems bring the potential for business growth, but also carry some challenges and risks. Being aware of the latter is the first step.

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Information Management

A 5-Step Approach to Implementing Machine Learning

Use the VDOCR model to build your ML implementation plan: Vision, Data, Organizational alignment, Change management and Revalidation.

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Information Management

Machine Learning Simplified: Building an Understanding

Most organizations are still at the point where machine learning as a technology remains in the realm of research and exploration.

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Digital Workplace

These 2020 Trends Will Shape the 2021 Workplace

Many of the measures enforced in response to the pandemic will continue to have a huge bearing on workplace practices, policies and behaviors in 2021.

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Information Management

What We've Learned From the Past Decade of Digital Transformation

Above all, the past five years of digital transformation have taught us the importance of agility as businesses struggle to keep pace with change.

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Building a Dynamic Cloud Strategy: What It Means and How It Changes in the Wake of COVID-19

Building a dynamic cloud strategy is about first understanding your existing IT portfolio and then taking smart decisions on migrating or rebuilding.

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Information Management

Demystifying Modern Application Development

Modern applications respond to four needs of the modern workplace: scalability, portability, resiliency and agility.

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What Agile Software Development Can Teach Us About Diversity and Inclusion

Software development's evolution shows that segregating various parts of the industry is detrimental to the process and ultimately leads to an inferior product.

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Information Management

The Digital Transformation Time Line Just Sped Up. Now What?

Technology has become the lifeline of the world we live in today. Without it the world would be at a standstill.

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Information Management

BPA vs. RPA: How Are They Similar, How Are They Different?

Business process automation and RPA are complementary technologies which can be part of a total modernization approach based on need and viability.

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Information Management

From Service-Oriented Architecture to Microservices

Designing our applications as small independent units is the first step towards building a modern infrastructure that is nimble, agile and scalable.