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Talent Management

How to Win and Retain Developer Talent

Studies show burnout is on the rise among developers, and a majority are seeking new roles. Some tips to help change that narrative.

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Digital Workplace

Why Many Workers Still Fear Automation

With rapid adoption across industries, automation is threatening to replace workers. Can both coexist?

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Digital Workplace

What AI Automation Can Bring to Your Organization

The promise of AI automation is fueling adoption across industries. But what does it mean for your business?

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Digital Workplace

Microsoft Upgrades Teams Rooms, LumApps Debuts Employee Data Layer, More News

Microsoft aims to improve hybrid meetings, LumApps adds a data layer to its employee experience platform. Nintex, Fivetran and Livestorm round out the news.

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Digital Workplace

The Role of IoT in the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

The internet of things is key to digital transformation in manufacturing. Some tips to get it off the ground and unlock its value.

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Digital Workplace

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

With robotic process automation, companies can automate routine, mundane rules-based processes. Here's a rundown of how it works.

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Employee Experience

Chatbots Engage Employees and Reduce Costs

Chatbots aren't replacements for the human touch. They're there to augment it. Here are the key considerations to improve your employee experience via chatbots.

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Digital Workplace

Gartner Identifies AI Automation as Key Enterprise Tech, Microsoft Reduces Teams Rooms Pricing, More News

AI automation enters Gartner's hype cycle, Microsoft announces a number of Teams updates, Haystack aims to fight worker loneliness and more news.

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Digital Workplace

Low Code Unleashed: 3 Winning Strategies to Make It Work For You

It's hard to separate the low-code hype from the reality. Here are three areas where you can make a low-code program work for your business needs.

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Information Management

Establishing Intelligent Automation ROI Is a Moving Target

Big hopes for the ROI of automation projects don't always pan out. Here's how to gain a clearer picture of if your goals are in sight.

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Digital Workplace

Modeling Business With AI

Modeling work with AI isn't about trying to replace all the humans. It is about understanding how work is done so that you can optimize it.

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Digital Workplace

Modeling the Workplace: The Role and Future of AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a growing set of use cases in today's workplace. But where are these technologies heading next?

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Boost Workplace Productivity for the 21st Century

Three primary factors are exerting downward pressure, crimping productivity and pushing organizations to find new ways to turn the trend around.

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Information Management

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Automation

Robotic process automation can boost productivity, reduce errors and improve employee experience. But it comes with significant risks.

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Talent Management

Is It Time to Automate Your Workforce Skills Taxonomy?

A growing crop of technology providers aim to document the state of workforce skills and provide companies with what's needed going forward.

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Employee Experience

Using AI to Onboard New Recruits May Be a Bad Idea

Artificial intelligence is making inroads into recruiting and onboarding, but organizations looking to harness its benefits should proceed with caution.

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Information Management

Why the Process Mining Market Is Heating Up

Microsoft's recent buy of Minit process mining underlines the importance of getting processes right — and why digital leaders are starting to pay attention.

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Employee Experience

How Chatbots Can Enhance Candidate and Employee Experience

Chatbots aren't a magical solution, but with some knowledge and care, they can be a viable way to make HR processes more seamless.

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Digital Workplace

Use Automation to Support Experience, Not to Cut Costs

To unlock the potential of automation and AI, we need to put humans at the center and design systems that work with, not against or instead of them.

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Digital Workplace

The State of Digital Workplace 2022: Execute With Purpose

We need to get smarter at how we source and administratively support talent, in order to deliver the next batch of digital workplace projects this year.